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Blues Explosion
Blues Explosion

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Blues Explosion Lyrics

"Fed Up And Low Down" lyrics

I said I got the need
To tell you just how I feel
My brain is numb
No sense at all
Don't feel real
Come down on the street
Take it on city bus
Wait in the check out line
Just a bit too much
Days and hours, months slip by
What do you want?
Who can you be?
But it's time to die
I got to know
You got me feelin' so high
But it's just not right
Fed up, frustrated
And low down

Said I feel so stuck
Oh so very much
Pair of eyes
Lookin' back at me
?? think about it
Freeze and stop
And do it again
Baby way you do
What they did back then
Baby you got me now
Got me feelin' so high
With that bad shit
Fed up, frustrated
And low down
Fed up, frustrated
And low down

Been meaning to tell you
Just how it feels
Tear walls down
Left to dry
Draggin' on my heels
Now is the time
To lose all self-control
Tell about all the garbage
In your brain hole
Want to scream
But got to keep quiet
I got you now
You got me feelin' alright
Baby baby wanna tell you about it
Fed up, frustrated
And low down
Fed up, frustrated
And low down

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