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Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian

Background information
Origin Krefeld, Germany
Genre(s) Power Metal
Progressive Metal
Speed Metal
Years active 1984—present
Label(s) Virgin Records
Century Media Records
Nuclear Blast
Associated acts Demons & Wizards
Gamma Ray
Iced Earth
Iron Savior
Savage Circus
Power Quest
Website Website
Hansi Kürsch
André Olbrich
Marcus Siepen
Frederik Ehmke
Former members
Thomas "Thomen" Stauch
Markus Dörk
Christof Theißen
Hans-Peter Frey

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Blind Guardian Lyrics

"Lord Of The Rings" lyrics

*on the version from Tales from the twilight world,
the lines "i'll keep the ring full of sorrow,
i'll keep the ring till i die" are not in the song, nor are the
"I'll keep the ring" parts in the last chorus. just my 2 cents,
dollar or euro*

There are signs on the ring
Which make me feel so down
There's one to enslave all rings
To find them all in time
And drive them into darkness
Forever they'll be bound
Three for the kings
Of the elves high in light
Nine to the mortals
Which cry
I'll keep the ring full of sorrow
I'll keep the ring till I die

I'll keep the ring full of sorrow
I'll keep the ring till I die
Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill   (2x)
And there's no way out now

Mordor Mordor Mordor
Dark land under Sauron's spell
Threatened a long time
Threatened a long time

Seven rings to the dwarves
In their halls made of stone
Into the valley
Into the valley
I feel down
One ring to the dark lord's hand
Sitting on his throne
In a land so dark
Where I have to go

I'll keep the ring... (5x)
Till I...
Chorus (2x)
(I'll Keep the ring)
Chorus (2x)

lord of the rings

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