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Between The Trees

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Between The Trees Lyrics

"Spain" lyrics

Can we sail to Spain
Just me and you
Open ocean and the bright blue sky above
Well do you want
Do you want the moon
I'll get it for you
From the tops so high
To the valley low
I wanna give you whatever you need
So just let me know
Cause all I want is more of you
All I want is you

Give me a dance she says
Just take my hand she says
I don't want anything
Let's make our getaway
Just me and you babe
The rest of the world can wait
Cause I've been waiting for you
Oh, I've been waiting for you

With the world we know waiting on hold
Do you think that we could really just be alone
Far from all that seems to keep us apart
I need you
So don't leave yet
Let's find a way to stay even if just for a moment
Cause all I need is more of you
All I want is you

Chorus 2X

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