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Beloved (us)

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Beloved (us) Lyrics

"Kiss It Goodbye" lyrics

the voices die in the distance.
the crying is faint.
the same fate overtakes them.
the sound rings in the midst.
better days will lie in wait.
so i'll endure this till you take me away.
holding close to your hands
never slipping though your grip.
the road is getting longer and i don't know if i can make it,
but i'll hold
hoping to get stronger all the while.
calling out,
let it pass.
let it drown with the water.
freedom from this place is found in you,
it's found in you.
i'll be home soon with the letter in my left hand.
i'll be home soon cause i'm coming home to you.
chasing the wind.
the light that you lead is only a shadow now,
but it's bright enough for me to lead you out.
so i'll take this until it fades.
until it falls,
until it breaks.
and i'll kiss it goodbye.
i'll kiss life goodbye,
this world goodbye.
i'll be home soon.
i will be home soon.

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