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Beloved (us) Album

Failure On (06/24/2003)
. . .

Under an eclipse of ever-rising feeling
Moving faster through my veins
And bleeding out the sun
That's beating down on our necks
And burning my eyes
If this is a crutch for the weak
Then I am the least of these
So cut off my arms and break my legs
So I don't feel this anymore
Choking on all of the feeling
That I'm swallowing in
Tasting the failure on my lips
That I've lead in
And this is my last chance for survival
A last ditch effort to cure my ache
We're so vain aren't we?
We're so proud and empty
We're left leaning on our only intrigue
The lies that I've told won't bury us whole
They won't find us time
This is the end of the story that I can forget
This goes far beyond our loyalties
And we feign as a shield
That's teeming with guilt and resonance
But we held our heads so high
We have not yet defeated failure

. . .

We drive to keep our conscience clear
Imagine closeure sinking deep into the air
Our loss is not gaining new ground at all
I fight this everyday
Aagainst this ever-changing face
I fight you everyday
Against your ever-changing face
With a fresh sense of purpose and direction
We cannot hide now from ourselves
In disguises all our own
Still we can't escape at all
We run from things that can be seen
But if we would close our eyes
We would see the real threat against us
I won't run from this world
Only our faces hide
The quiet defeat inside
Only our faces show
Reflections of so much more

. . .

Our defenses open
Our motives are shot
This hush of the heart seems too much to keep
It's gathered here and wakening me
It's stealing with fear that's reaching in
And pulling out with every beat
Resounding loud and clear, but only to me
In this confiding pulse
I'll find a way to keep it all confined
It's reminding me and always surrounding me
Past pictures will keep me
From being the man I could be
Burn out and I'll burn now
I'll carry this burden of memory
A name that lingers on a blank face
Can never fill a heart that's sinking fast
And hurting to feel
It's falling so fast now
To never rise again
We all burn out
We all rise and fall
We all burn now

. . .

A line drawn in the sand,
and we both know
I'm not about to bury myself.
Sinking in my footsteps,
but not coming up for air.
A firm foundation of beating hearts
is blistering enough on the sruface.
Closing in and holding out my breath
hoping to mend the wounds
opened by years of digging out.
We fight fire with fire
and you'll run back to your
circle of friends.
They won't help you now.
We drew a line in the sand
and this time it's now or never.
Go ahead, burn your bridges
but only if you can swim
deep in the sea of disbelief.
This time your screams won't be heard.
You will fight this battle
but we'll take you out so quickly
that you and your so-called army
couldn't see us coming.
Fight this battle.
We'll tear you down to the ground.
We can't stop now.
We were born for battle,
without vision we will die.
We were born for battle,
against the tide of compromise.
There is life in this.
The places so close can take you so far.
We won't trust our eyes to keep us there.

. . .

a simple defect from decay.
unraveled words are left to fray
and to avoid.
if you could swallow your pride
you would choke on every word
that you hide behind.
so face yourself
and bury your useless words
that mean nothing to me.
your bitterness will bury you
faster than your words ever could.
you've taken arms against yourself.
this is the end.
i swear to it you fake.

. . .

Closer away from the boundaries
I'm building to break from
Boundless and unrestrained
Building to break them all

We are built to see one way
But watching the lines blur
Our eyes have been gorged out
And fused to see another

I won't let this tear me out of the ground
I will defy the culture that [Incomprehensible]
And I will defy your culture and make this real
I will defy the culture that [Incomprehensible]
And I will defy your culture and make this real

We will not die just to fade
Into the air like memories
We will not die
We will not die

If we live in hearts we leave behind
Then we will never die, will never die
And you can't replace them
With the ones you've lost
With the ones you've lost

Escaping your securities
We're escaping your securities

. . .

Awaken the inner pattern
A murmur of self, a heart between beats
Tearing out the pages left and right
Of the human letter in a burning moment

Threaded with compassion
Bound and held tight in form and fashion
Bleeding restoration
Into a heart that's grave

Breathing in life into our lungs
Into our throats like open graves
Our eyes aren't closed, our eyes are asleep
We have dreamt long enough with open eyes

There is no, no escape for those
Who betray their inner self

And are we absent, thoughts of escape?
While our minds sleep in days we've saved

You've cut all ties
And broken all your bonds
To your inner self
Now you will lie an unhappy life away

Let the fire in your eyes
Burn it clean inside
Let the blood revise the ink
In your veins

This world won't define our hope
We'll sit through the ashes
Until we find what's true in our hearts
Write it there

For this is what strikes, fear in the heart of man
For this is what strikes, fear in the heart of man

These are the days that we've made
And the chances that we'll take
We can't carry this vessel to shore
Without an anchor of hope

. . .

Remembering the moments,
it's so unclear.
Reliving it just to disappear.
It's always the wrong way
and never the same.
It's dragging and staggered
into a dull replay.
Remember the moments,
it's so unclear.
Reliving it just to disappear.
Lying down in sleepless eyes
wide awake
so caught inside this aimless endeavor,
it's sure to leave it's mark.
Blacked out and beaten into our skin
deeper now that it's sunk in.
Feeding on all of the damage it's done.
The deeper you look,
the harder it is to find.
It's so safe, and so secure.
It's so deep now.
Blacked out and beaten into our skin,
deeper now that we've fell in.

. . .

Hold close now.
It's your only assurance
of controlling the outcome of this ending.
Is it ending or just leaving us
tired and waiting?
You're chasing the reasons
revolving in circles of questions
we've all tried to answer for ourselves.
The answer's already inside us,
just listen
and maybe you'll find an answer
you don't want to hear.
It's only your diversions that keep it away.
Just open your eyes to see.
Finally you'll understand to fill this void,
empty out entirely what's standing now

. . .

Take in from this
And breathe out open
Hug that uncertainty
As long as you can
A once seizing but now
Flailing and falling
Grasp at comfort's hand
A brash defense of confidence
Is seemingly overwhelming disappointment
Carry it on disconnected
And drawn away from yourself
You buy more time with your lies
Running from mistakes that you've made
And when your time has been spent
You did not bother with faith
It's like you were never alive
Your hope has died
But rest in this
We will fight for you
And show you we care for everything
That matters to you
Promises held
Must have been lost or forgotten
Or buried under the broken glass
Beneath your window of opportunity
We will be the first to die
And we will be the first to win
Your walls will fall down
We'll tear down your walls

. . .

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