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Behind Sapphire

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Behind Sapphire Lyrics

"Oh My, What A Fine Day" lyrics

Oh my, what a fine day.

Rosebuds gather in the middle of the street
Oh, I can't breathe, they're tickling my feet.
And they sing to me
Everyone comes and goes
Through our yard
And when they bloom, so beautifully in their gardens.

They dance merrily across our fields
Time seems to slow down

I'm falling asleep

Crystal ships march safely through a storm
And for a moment it felt like everything was fine
I'm fond of sleeping on the horizon
Wake me up when the half-moon rises

As they land on my shoulders,
The petals turn to dust
My arms are heavy soldiers,
Left out becoming rust

Mother nature
The weight of the world on my shoulders
With rage and force, she ends the madness
We shiver, we shudder.

There's nowhere to run
When there's nowhere to run,
The storm has just begun.

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