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Beccy Cole

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Beccy Cole Lyrics

"Kiss Me Where I Stand" lyrics

Something good is going on in the cool night air
What it is or what it's not I really don't care
Lets not over analyse
And let the moment pass right on by
Cause wherever this feeling goes I want to go there

CH: I don't know what the moon has got in mind
I don't know why the stars are dancing tonight
I only know this ain't no time to talk
So kiss me where I stand and love me where I fall

I've been waiting all my life for a night like this
With an emotional pull too strong to resist
There's a wave of urgency I can feel it wash all over me
I've never known love before but this could be it

Why worry about fantasies ..that would just get too involved
There's still some mysteries that don't need to be solved


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