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AZ Album

S.O.S.A. (Save Our Streets AZ) (2000)
S.O.S.A. Intro
That's Real (feat. Beanie Sigel)
Animal Skit (You Ain't From Brooklyn)
It's Like That (feat. Animal)
. . .

S.O.S.A. Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

[Hook: from samples (AZ)]
"I was destined to come" (Yeah)
"What you expect?" (Quiet money for life) "I don't give a fuck now"
(The so-ciety game returns) "As a clever nigga, nuttin to play with"
"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"
(Urban wars) "I was destined to come"(Dream Team baby)
"What you expect?" (Fall back yall) "I don't give a fuck now"
"As a clever nigga,(I Don't Give a Fuck) nuttin to play with"
"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"

I'm known global, blooded out pimp by coastal
Rap mobile, low key, anti-social
Smoke gray Timbs, criss fade, wave to sin
White Denali, teared it up, flagrant rims
I'm no theif, I live by the code of the streets
I hold heat, but no need to go in the deep
Don for real with the same gotti traumata pill
Von o niel, embraced by the arms of the ill
Art of war, a hundred men, cars galore
Wanted men, who couldn't see in robbin the law
Live or not, I'm one half divide the block
And I can show you how to take cash and bribe the cops
And from the bars to the backyards, alleys and aves
Subtracted, divide, add up, tally the math
Stand direct, for dolo demand respect
Hand solo, sit back and watch the plans connect
Ya heard

[Hook: x2]
"I was destined to come"
"What you expect?" "I don't give a fuck now"
"As a clever nigga, nuttin to play with"
"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"

I rock coogies but need fatigues, holdin the cock oozie
The block school me, cuties drop your doobies
It's on now, some claim I'm wrong but how
Been indited so watch, rhyme, pull on my trial
Blow with me, I'm like the life of that old 50
I dose quickly, moves is so shifty
Days been broke, on corners with them trays of coke
It was the dirty hustle money that raise my folks
Tights from jail, few niggas might see bail
It's kinda foul when you watch niggas wifies tell
Flip-on who?, I still wore wrist on blue
Yall know my style, M.I.A. but I miss yall too
Tryin to remain breathin, hot blocks never change seasons
Bodies get caught for the strangest reasons
Breath the smoke, and time for me is need to coke
Won't stop till I stack it all and flee the coast

[Hook: x2]
"I was destined to come"
"What you expect?" "I don't give a fuck now"
"As a clever nigga, nuttin to play with"
"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"

So now I toast, to all my close niggas that's ghost
Yall know the sos only soft niggas worry the most
Come and get me, shit, I'm nasty like Ken Griffy
Niggas is sissies, I bought some men with me
Wait til the Heny' hit me, hope that sin lift me
Never smile, style is wild, only grin strictly
Your main supplier, for days in the same retier
Sat and watch niggas used to get it again and expire
Deep in thought, spit it like a street report
I rep alone still I stand without no feet support
Fuck the threats, I rip necks of suckin a tech
Either that or ice picks stuck in ya neck
I play different I put a work stay consistent
I love paper, plus a nigga praise commitment
Dead the jokes I'm near when the bread get boast
So fuck me, ask your bitch who get head the most

[Hook: (AZ)]
"I was destined to come"(Ya heard?)
"What you expect?"('Chall niggas want?)"I don't give a fuck now"
(It's on)"As a clever nigga, nuttin to play with"
(It's time to yall get it)"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"
(The god has returned)"I was destined to come"
(BK don)"What you expect?" "I don't give a fuck now"(So-ci, Visualiza)
"As a clever nigga, nuttin to play with"
(This is quiet money for life)"Thank god he blew breath in my lungs"

. . .

I had some problems
And no one could seem to solve them
But you found the answer
Told me to take this chance

[AZ - speaking over Chorus]
Yeah, now dig
You got, rich niggaz right
They do what they wanna do
Heh, and you got
Broke niggaz, you heard?
They do what they gotta do
Now ask yourself, which one are you?
Ha, fall back

[Verse 1 - AZ]
Soakin in Remy, sittin back smokin a twenty
Shit is scabby, the hustlin is so in me
Never show envy, got a style I maxed
I'm like po', back in eighty-fo', now smile at that
Unseen when I'm low, but still right in your face
I'm so skinny, but that semi-auto's right in my waist
From Jags to Jeeps, hoopties with the raggedy seats
Just imagine how I'm movin if we had any beef
Beats relax me, good cheeba keeps me nasty
Lower the smoke when I see the D's creepin past me
Duckin the NARCs, born bustin Dutches apart
Love pussy wit pretty lips, when you fuck it it fart
Friend or foe, freak for the rims that glow
Rock Timbs if it's summer or ten below
Love the streets, the science of the drugs that's deep
I'm just another nigga next up, tryin to eat


[AZ - speaking over Chorus]
You know!
Not a soul baby!
It's all for y'all now

[Verse 2 - AZ]
But it seems, y'all would rather
See me hit than, see my rich
Get bagged over some bullshit and see me snitch
Hopin' some AIDS ho bitch'll leave me sick like
I'm a sucker for love wit some easy dick
I did dirt through my days but hid my work
Even then I still made sure no kids got hurt
Sweep the next, been knowin since my feet got wet
From the best turned vet learned to speak direct
My game's jumpin, we all had our days of barkin
You could tell niggaz styles by they ways of parkin
Why dispute it? Dough got us so polluted
Paranoid to the point it's like we, over-do it
Police press up, peep how the beasts arrest ya
Rough up, handcuff, then treat you lesser
Toast on me, smoke spray our potpouri
Y'all can bet I'ma rep how it's supposed to be


[AZ - speaking over Chorus]
You know!
Not a soul baby!
It's all for y'all now
I got it locked, feel me!

[Verse 3 - AZ]
Infinite game, get chills on the strength of my chain
It's only real, certain niggaz mention my name
Some relate, others stay numb in the face
Tryin to keep steps ahead like we runnin a race
Nikes and Timbs, lady friends like 'em slim
Light makeup, that shit that blend right wit they skin
So what's the issue? All dick sucks is still official
Cold-steel nickles, and Phil I'm still wit you
Iceberg-in, on the Turnpike mergin
Late night, right brake lights black Excursion
Tree smokin, hustle the rap I'ma keep ropin
Too many niggaz got deep emotions
The stress got 'em, who else wanna express they problems?
Get upset, but real vets respect the bottom
To a false, feel a fake love or hate
Right or wrong as long as the thugs relate


[AZ - speaking over Chorus]
You know!
Not a soul baby!
It's all for y'all now
What y'all want from me?


[AZ - speaking over Chorus]
Yeah, y'all haters better get a hustle man, stop fuckin wit me
I'm tryin to live man, nah mean?
I been at the bottom, I was risin - fell back down
I'm tryin to climb up man
Get off my back baby
It's all a game man don't hate me hate the game

AZ the Visualiza return, once again
Love life, hate, what the fuck...

. . .

Play time's over lime green rover
Even after Remi still seems i'm sober
My cream got lower them things got colder
Ever since the last thing I caught in October
June's now here move around where
Parts of D.C what ya'll doin down there
Dough gotta get flipped who gotta get hit
Got a lot of work can't let shit sit
I know down there it's slow down there
Everything's double I can blow down there
Next flight out i'ma jet right out
Got the white floating on the 95 south
See y'all soon it'll be around noon
And y'all know a nigga style i'ma leave y'all room
Dressed in old clothes step on no toes
Money over bitches sexxin no hoes
It's shit like that'll make you slip like that
Crossed all up and get you hit like that
The game ain't fair names ain't clear
Everybody wanna hustle it's a shame I swear

Bodies Gotta get caught (Niggas gotta die)
Everybody wanna shit talk (Why niggas gotta lie?)
Somebody gotta get scorched (Niggas gone fry)
It's time niggas get taught (Stop gettin high)

Ain't no rules no more nobody's cool no more
But I ain't never give a fuck so screw y'all all
Love to ball since school got moves and all
Sweet J's three play I abuse the floor
And there's certain niggas now I refuse to call
Swtiching up on the cards only confused them all
You got blocks go head move that wall
Like to break shit down I give em two for four
I'ma get my run few trips i'm done
Wanna fuck but the work can't mix wit fun
See the shit don't stop till i'm sittin on top
And ain't nuttin like floating through picking up knots
Y'all know that vibe a nigga's soul done died
Play the board till the lord above close my eyes
It's real like that why I feel like that
Couldn't understand til I had to conceal a ghat
But SOS don't play it goes both ways
And we love hittin corners just like roach spray


So if you love yourself you won't cross my path
I gasoline niggas up and torch they ass
40 yards from the field goal caught the pass
While you fumble shit knocked off half ya stash
Had to be your work I see your hurt
But any fool on the street gotta eat first
I earnt that right i've turnt out nights
Just now taking time out to learn about life
It's more wise to it like why did I do it
Why if I do it y'all would die if I use it

Chorus 2x

. . .

I wanna toast, on behalf of y'all
'Cause the more we get, the more we takin from other people baby

Here's a toast to all the dons, dope fiends and hoes
Long cons, diamond rings and the kings that blow
To all the killas and the hustlas, some seem some low
What the deal daddy, it's all good, get that dough
'Cause a y'all, I praise clothes, jewels and cars
Paid dues, been schooled but can't remove the scars
Boxed in, it's my life now, part of the game
On the streets with the hustlas who hustle the same
Some of vein, let's toast to all the guns and the gangs
All the wheelchair victims and the one's with the cains
I'm numb to the pain, it's realness that runs through the vein
Becomin sane, so many throwin slumb in the game
So let us toast to the ones in memory of
All the ??? jams we remember we love
We remember we thugs, ???, Crips and Bloods
Latin Kings, Five Percenters, thieves and pimps because
Whatever makes the world go 'round, we down
And we'll react as this world go 'round, we lounge
So raise your cups to the real dogs that raised the pups
And all the young chicks finally at that age to fuck
The razor cuts, gun wounds that laid us up
From the beef and all the streetsweaps that made us rough
Made some suck, some wasn't made to trust
So I toast to the east coast, the stage is us
Throw it up for the niggas that could, hold it up
Fold it up, if it's fast money, slow it up
The streets need it, it's gangsta when the beats get pleaded
Sleep, eat and breath it, it's the life, love it or leave it

[Chorus x2]
To the playas and the hustlas, pimps and kings
Rich niggas sittin on mils with ice in their rings
To the bitches and the real hoes, let's raise a toast
Show love, who could take paper the most

So from the streets where the hustlin brought us to life
From the beef and all the scufflin that tought us to fight
The poisinous bikes, police gun wars in the night
The whores in the night, fiends up four in the night
Gave us new style, but some just became too foul
Now it's two-thou', year two-thou'
So I toast to the live that know they broke
Cookin bag they own work and know they coke
Roll they smoke, the underworld that know they loc
It's the life when you catch strikes and hold no notes
Nothin to lose for some that's all out for game
Fued in school, show us all out in vein
First chips niggas get, out comes the chain
That's it, soon his name be, out the game
It's the life, it's like dice, some win, some lose
We pay the price but it's the life that the real ones choose

[Chorus x4]

. . .

[Verse 1: AZ]
What y'all know about real cashin' and topless Jags
Doing 80 on the Ave. goin' on the cop some hash
Stash box, no more air bags, just pop the dash
Got them things with the sling hammer to cop them bath
Slouch down in the bucket seats, real discreet
Ice grillin', like fuck it I'm too real to speak, so suck it in
Denim down with the Chuck and Timbs
Fitted cap, so y'all can get it that I'm hustlin'
I'm a Mr. Queen Mohanin', Kurt Cobain
So if you thinkin' too hard, you gon' hurt your brain
From snortin', my feelings is as cold as my chain
AZ, it's the angels that chose my name
For the return, it's the second coming, left my woman
Had to recoup from all the stress and reckless runnin'
See the beats don't stop, when the heat don't pop
All it means is that I'm low 'til I see and drop
It's on...

. . .

Uh huh
Word Up..........
Drop the beat right here

[Chorus x2]
Loooove me in a special way what more can I say
Love me now love love me now

[Verse 1]
Since Illmatic this shit started that never departed
I flossed retarded for them lost in the projects
I taught them logic gaining courses in college
Chased dollars but to me whats most important is knowledge
Know the ledge for ya'll niggas that so on the edge
It ain't nothin for an infrared to go in your head
Life in the streets schooled me well movin light on my feet
So deep had me jumpin up at night in my sleep
Hold ya heat if you that nigga that's influencing beef
I'm trying to eat dont have me put two in ya feet
99 ways i made out to never fade out never get played out
Got guns blast ya way out


[Verse 2]
Saw the worst when I was growing
Unknowing my quest until I had reality thrown at my chest
Why would it stress it seem a nigga zone at his best
Is it a test at times I feel my soul is possesed
Flavors of Guess throw key at major connects
Crazy respect goin through it made me a vet
Gettin down on grounds forbidden
Made bails from ?????? to the cells in Clinton listen
We could war till we no more either or
Or just ball till we all score it's on ya'll
Did this one for the streets watchin
And the D's in the streets let them keep clockin
We clean got love for the whole game
To go change fake I.D.'s and the code names but no lames
3 op's and theres more to come we all as one
Recognize I been this raw since young


[Verse 3]
Was I sent for the sinners that never repent
Or just another thug bent trying to pay for his rent
Days in contempt I see how ya'll amazed in suspense
Ways spent catch me at the major events
So blow a herb on ya corner curb my word
Doe or Die I was born a swerve bet that
From 40 bottles to the champagne twist a pop
White Lables to the brand names kids on top
And let's toast for the lost souls
And pray enough to hope and meet em at the crossroads reunite
Hope I live to see 88 with crazy cake
In a baby shaped burgandy Bentley with Haiti plates

[Chorus x2]

. . .

[Verse 1: AZ]
I holds it down for the convicts that live in a box
And them little grimy niggaz that live in them spots
Venimous plots, real nine ? glocks
Spin with the drop
Hammer cocks, sent you a shot
Brooklyn motha fucka, we blend with the blocks
Live niggaz, type to spend 10 on a watch
Face lift it
Hit it straight nuttin' to taste wit it
Fuck shots
Cop bottles, whole case wit it
Street war
Niggaz don't beef no more
See the kill for real or don't eat no more
Sleep no more
Hollow tips'll eat you raw
Straight through the right cheek of your jaw (blaow)
Lets get it on
With the guns drawn
Ride or die
No whats wrong
Gettin' shitted on
My reply
Cut you up with some shit that'll tear your soul
Wrap up if you feel the cold
That's real

[Hook: Beanie Sigel]
My' spit from my block men
Everyday ya upstate gettin' boxed in
Stick a (marriage?) through the gate when they locked in
You can hear 'em when they break when they boxed in
That's real
My spit from my street men
All day, smuggle yay pull ya Jeep's in
Never play where you lay we ain't sleepin'
Spot clean, FED's dumb let 'em creep in
That's real

[Verse 2: Beanie Sigel]
I break laws when I want to
Jaws when I want to
Everybody, get them on the floor when I come through
Know the rules not to move when I come to jam you
Two hammers
One in my hand one in the tan room
The General
I could care less if theres ten of you
I'm built for stress
Do what few men can do
Send a few into you
Injured you, you injured two
Mack 11 ya hit your Chevy
Sent it off in his inertubes
Mack pop the pistol well
Cop fish scales
Used to pop a pistol quick
Cock that ? shit
Gun still on the missile tip
Hit that main tissue shit
Kidney, lungs, heart, spleen, brain tissue shit
I hit you niggaz where it hurt at
Where you little niggaz they dirt at
Where they pump they work at
Recognize when the motha fuckin' truth in here
Beanie Sieg hottest thing in the booth this year
That's real

[Hook: Beanie Sigel]
My spit from my block men
Everyday ya upstate gettin' boxed in
Stick a (marriage) ? through the gate when they locked in
You can hear 'em when they break when they boxed in
That's real
My spit from my street men
All day, smuggle yay pull ya Jeep's in
Never play where you lay we ain't sleepin'
Spot clean, FED's dumb let 'em creep in
That's real

Ya little mind and the things that it conjure up
Even worse when you Henney'd and Ganja'd up
Could see it now
Feet duck taped, arms in cuffs
Your conscience fucked
Pissey be on your bluff

[Beanie Sigel]
I roll with niggaz that'll clap you up
Get locked and wait for you to get knocked and whack you up
Stick a motha fuckin' sword in ya
Make everybody on the motha fuckin' block see the broad in ya

Arm the ?
Niggaz need to bomb wit us
Dawn wit us
Bust of they chronic wit us
Quiet Money, Roc-A-Fella nigga arm your pups
Play the game before your palms get touched (nigga)

[Beanie Sigel]
I (spiffin?) niggas doin' a long time
All day, could see new spades and keep a blade on a phone line
Keep the guards payed so they got they own line
Hustle on the block still make they own wine
That's real

[Hook: Beanie Sigel] - repeat 3X
My spit from my block men
Everyday ya upstate gettin' boxed in
Stick a (marriage?) through the gate when they locked in
You can hear 'em when they break when they boxed in
Tha'ts real
My spit from my street men
All day, smuggle yay pull ya Jeep's in
Never play where you lay we ain't sleepin'
Spot clean, FED's dumb let 'em creep in
That's real

. . .

Animal Skit

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Animal)

yeah (yeah)

[Singer] ohhh
(one more time)
[Singer] ohhh
(uh huh)
[Singer] ohhh
(where we at?)
[Singer] ohhh

It's been official best wishes I send em wit you
Never sentimental you know the shit a nigga into
I'm cross-country it's big pimpin all the broads want me
I'ma do this till the law confront me
Fuck a slow jam kissing and holding my hand
I'm a cold man stay flippin gettin that fam
Who can blame me for all those days you tried to game me
Switch and change me did shit that made me angry
It's like payback watch the shit you say on this track
I heard the stories how you get down lay on yo back
True confessions why ask so i'm sexxin
Who i'm blessin and if a nigga use protection

I've been feelin bad but not bad enough
Not to walk away Oh no
Feelin so sad cause thought you were my girl
Since you betrayed me it's on...on.....

You know your wrong for trying to play me
Now he's gone cause he's back wit me

He wasn't yours when he was mine I can't believe
That you got down like that
And now you know just how it b's
Because it b's like that

Never thought you just hurt me worse
(how do you just) How do you just go on?
Can't believe you tried to say it was someone else
When it was you that I saw

You know your wrong for trying to play me
Now he's gone cause back wit me


I could see the whole game through the platinum frames
I done hit niggas wifes I ain't sayin no names
I just drive through ya block in convertible drops
Hand you and your best friend Sharon a rock
Copped a house on a hill six car garage
Back massage I'm into menage a trois
Where I'm living at you can wear shorts in December
You remember stay in the mix like a blender
I'm goin up the middle I'ma spread y'all both
I'm an animal you know I had to hit y'all both
You and the doctor call back go ahead i'ma fall back
Sex was wack but your best friend was all that
Me and honey dip was creepin off for months
Had her blowin on the pipe while I was blowin on blunts
But you is trouble though I cop the six double O
But i'ma let you go with the Lex bubble though
Shorty think I trick alot cause she suck the dick alot
I'm fuckin wit y'all like Sir i'm in the mix alot

[Singer & Background Singers]
Why'd you have to go and play yourself
Girl you know you were wrong
Now your sitting home all by yourself
The man you thought was yours is gone

[Chorus x4]

. . .

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