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Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold

Background information
Origin Huntington Beach, California, USA
Genre(s) Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Years active 1999—present
Label(s) Hopeless Records
Good Life Recordings
Warner Music Group
Associated acts Three Days Grace
Pinkly Smooth
Suburban Legends
Brian Haner
Bleeding Through
Dream Theater
Burn Halo
Website Website
M. Shadows
Zacky Vengeance
Synyster Gates
Johnny Christ
Former members
The Rev
Dameon Ash
Justin Sane
Matt Wendt

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Avenged Sevenfold Lyrics

"Burn It Down" lyrics

Jealousy's an ugly word, but you don't seem to care
Converse behind my back, but now I'm here
Need no one to comply with me though everyone that I defeat
Don't need you, fuck camaraderie, this rage will never go away

Hatred fuels my blood, I'll burn ya down (you can't help me)
One king to watch the horsemen fall, I'll fight 'til the end (I won't help you)
I can't trust anyone, see it in my eyes
Now I can understand, it's sorrow that feeds your lies

You're on my back when the water gets too deep for you to breath
A crutch for you that won't always be there
Hide in the dark another day, the fear in you is here to stay
I can't trust anyone, witness and see it in my eyes
Now I can understand, put faith in you for the last time
It's sorrow that feeds your lies

Run from me before I tear you down (be afraid)
You chose the wrong side (it feels so right)
I won't help you, let you rot away
Run towards the light exposing your soul (we won't be there by your side)
Salvation's dying (somebody's crying)
We're all gone in the end, sweet child we'll miss you
No, so far away

Falling away, can't turn back time
Burn it down anyway

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