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Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine Lyrics

"So Far, So Good, So Let's Talk About It" lyrics

Hey Arnold I think these songs are comin' together pretty well considering we only spend about a hour or so writing each one what do you think?
I mean i'm just totally happy to be in a band with you, it's amazing to be in a band with you man.
I mean you're such a brutal dude that when your just messing around it sounds way better than alot of other bands that are totally serious.
Like that band, As I Lay Crying, that singers awful, sounds like a dying moose.
Dude I don't know if you know this by now but i actually play in that band.
Oh, oh really? Well you're an idiot!
Dude i'm just trying to make a living you know i have 5 band member to feed.
I thought there were only 4?
Well, the bass player uhhh...
You idiot! I'll show you what happens when you betray me

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