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Ari Hest

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Ari Hest Lyrics

"When Everything Seems Wrong" lyrics

When you come back to your senses
Your heart overcomes your pride
I'll be here with an open mind
Here to break your fall from misery
You expect me to love just like you
Even though you won't admit that
You sink your teeth into something
You figure it'll come biting back

But I am not made to tag along
When everything seems wrong
And I still can breath when you are gone
When everything seems wrong to you

I don't know if we'd be better off
Living our own separate lives
Talking every once or twice
Whenever we need each other
I can't picture another arm around you
Wonder how I would react
Would I scream and shout in anger,
Or would I maintain some tact?


You know that you're my best friend
That kind of love will never run out
You know more about me than I know
Things I'd never dream of showing
But I can't change the way I'm feeling
And I'm not asking for miles of room
Just a little time to fill my tank up
Before I run on back to you


When will you come back to your senses?

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