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April Sixth

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April Sixth Lyrics

"Living A Lie" lyrics

Verse 1: I never said that you were wrong
But you're not right for me
If you'll be brave while I am strong
I think we might run free.

Pre-Chorus: Now listen, you wanna touch me
But you can't, cause you're blind.
Why ya talking about my suicide.
You wanna feel for me!
And now we're waiting for them to arrive.

Chorus: Come on! You wanna feel for me!
Cause I'm living a lie.
But, I'm happier than you will be.
Cause I'm trying to find.
A life that I'd be proud to leave.
Cause I'm living a lie.
But I'm happier than you will be!

Verse 2: I didn't want it to come to this.
But now I see the truth.
So, you better hope that I forget
About me and you.

Bridge: Help me find a reason for tonight. A reason that I shouldn't take me life!

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