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April Sixth

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April Sixth Lyrics

"It's Not Good Enough" lyrics

Hey Kids,
Stand up, get up, bring out you guns
We can't, we won't forget the ones
Who they've taken from us
So many years ago
Fight hard, be strong, we won't back down
This is our time to show them how
We�re not taking lightly
The things that they've done

It's not good enough for answers
It's not good enough for you
What else could we do?
It's not good enough for freedom
But it's good enough to die
Let us go roll the dice

Yeah, Freedom!
Come on, Freedom!!

Closed eyes and ears who just don't know
Close all your mouths or talk real slow
Maybe you'll understand the
Reasons for the fight
We'll let you go and talk with them
See if you cannot be their friend
Just be prepared to take a
A bullet to the head

(chorus x2)

(on background during second chorus)
It's your life
But we all know this war would be in each others' hearts
Trying to figure out what's right
Trying to figure out what's wrong
It's really a pain
Pick up your guns
Pick up your rights
Pick up you privileges as human beings
Take your life and live it the way you want


It's not good enough...good enough
It's not good enough...good enough
It's not good enough...For you

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