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Alchemist Album

Spiritech (06/30/1997)
Inertia (instrumental)
. . .

Speaking my mind
Single trail of thought
Difference in the way we perceive
Your ability to receive
I know you listen, faults lie between us.
You hear my speaking, something changes my words.


Hordes of inconsistencies and fiction swarm the paths of your thoughts.
Your interpretation of my actions, convenient to your cause.
I'll say again another way.

Splintered slithers of truth, rumored tales, my proof.
Tolerance prevents and outcome.

[Repeat Chorus]

Words a mouldable form of matter,
interpretation, your point is shattered,
lies a manifestation of truth
changes arise because of a difference,
Words a mouldable form of matter,
interpretation, your point is shattered,
lies a manifestation of truth
Don't accuse me because of a difference
I know you hear my words,
But somehow there's faults that lie between us.

Speaking my mind
Single trail of thought
I know you're listening
But some faults lie between us,
I know you hear my words.

[Repeat Chorus]

. . .

The commands of an ancient sultan
whispers through the sandstorm wind of time.
Calling across the centuries
A lost ghost city of the mind.
Far beyond the valley of the kings,
lies buried deep within the sand.
A city of decadence (?) and greed,
that's why the gods condemned the land,
Furthest reaches
recorded time, lay
Ubar city of lust and greed
reading the chiselled inscriptions.
A funerery temple.
Osrisis tributes to the gods
The sultan of (?)
Denied the (?) of this land
Decipher the heiroglyphics
City overcome by lust
Ancient (?)
Angered by the king of sin
Let the holocaust begin

This was the city of Ubar
Watch our modern life return
to ancient ways.

We're on the road to Ubar

. . .

When the first single cells
Felt the first rays of light
Carbon beings in process. Leading to life
that we have today.
A billion years later, technology springs,
exploding progress pushes is forward,
but exploding progress is tearing us down.

What is fiction is fact,
there is no blame for conditioning,
Reality's created by ourselves,
we're to blame for our problems.

Cells of our shells, merge with the earth.
Becoming seperatly involved, composting,
transgresing, in order to embrace
life and death, we must eliminate
the boundries that lie between the
physical and the spiritual.

Symbiosis a two way process,
people read their lives and then
create their psychosis.
Staying consious requires effort,
evolution re-awakes the primal subconsious.

Aware - Awake - Alert
Know or felt by ones inner being.

Flow and slower
observer and observed,
a wave, invinite ocean
life and death in cyclic motion.

You are a human being
You have an ego and mind
It's a useful part of you
but it's not you

. . .

The past is open,
but the future still hides.
Natural selection,
the strongest will survive.
Planatery process of
eveloutionary change.
Natures chosen aspects from
hereditary range.

[Repeat twice]

Perspectives of truth,
Artificial selection,
Rather than supernatural intervention

Could life possibly be
as simple as your revelation
because we have evolved
there is no myth of creation.
We may have been created
But not from two single beings
Eternal genetic process of mutating genes.

Random shuffle
Random mutation

. . .

[intro with dude talking]

We offer you the key to your spirituality,
the answer that links us to our eternity,
the difference that lie between yourself
and all you see.
But this does not convince you,
you lust technology.

Unite the earth

Our gods have failed us,
All along it was a farce an all along
you knew, but refused the help of visitors,
a concept that would boom higher
Was kept a secret from us for a minorites

But praising god won't save the world
only praise of human kind

You close your eyes and place demise.
On this forgotten entity.
Fabricated stories, to protect your
former glories.

A time is soon at hand,
the covered hall be revealed
exposing your whole lifestyle
as nothing but a lie.

Galactic intervention
Dimension intervention [repeat]

Progress your spiritechnology [repeat]

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

Union of opposites becomes union of ones self. The universe above mirrors the universe within. You search for identity, schizophrenic multibeing. Your two have become one. Your Libran scales often sway. Focus you thoughts on balance. Mediate on harmony. Elevate your mind and all that is shall return. Inner equality of masculine and feminine principles. Your active male fuels your fire For furious dominating. You're passive female, maternal soul. Psychic subconscious. Under the scepter of Zeus. Your two have become one. Let your will penetrate. Deeply from within. Your Libran scales sway .With eternal unrest. Two as one Unisex, you are she and she is him

. . .

LIFE. In all its fragile beauty surrounds me. LIFE. It's energy and vigor consume me. LIFE. My zest for life and living remain. LIFE. The chi flows thick and forceful through my veins. The wisdom of her anatomy. Denies the first to enter to chance to create. Survivors travel the unknown. Knowledge of the location of their goal. Each an individual. Yet all together one

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

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