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Alchemist Album

Jar Of Kingdom (1993)
Whale (instrumental)
. . .

Help me!
I am watching atomic warfare from the safety of the moon
I am dancing sacrilegiously to sound of infectious tunes
There is no sunset, is no sunrise, things on Earth don't seem as they are
The opal planet I once called home is revolving a dying star

Awakening from crionic sleep I vacate my homely hemesphere
My soul travels on turbulent thoughts whilst my innards remain here
I feel pity for the ignorant one who leaves the egg but the shell remains
The severence of umbilical ties multiplys his deepest pains

Thought the eyes in my head I hear the purple flower’s scent
Casting shadows in the shade
Lusting for the gates of jade
Though hallucinative wealth I can not comprehend myself
Sterility, fertility - the life that dwells inside of me

I often stop to wonder whilst gazing to the sky
Is there life beyond the quasars, will I find out when I die?
Is there a beeing out there who gaze into the night
And see our burning sun as a tiny spark of flight?

[Repeat verse one]

. . .

The abundance of pores in this shell
manifest as I draw experience
Only time will tell
if I've manufactured a spiritual cell

Filling each space with what I see
Experience moulds my destiny
Life is the reasoning for the cause
My existence bids to natures laws
My body a shell of human cells that contain me
Myself a kaleidoscope of thoughts that won’t set me free

With each breath that I take I slowly fill the space which will be me!
This feeling it causes me to
While away the years and suck experience
till my shell is filled and I die

Woven flesh - tomb encases my soul
Changes in seven year cycles
Still wandering - does my shell have a cause?
The end. A measure of my worth.

. . .

Looking in the corner of magic round room trying to find
the bottom of the top from the inbetweenal plane.
Ultraviolet craniums glowing with seductive scent
The circus now surrounds me, attractive but obese

I do not understand me!
Could you repeat me please?

A strange and distant melody
Provoking an absurdity
Opaque, my existence from the end to the start
Numbering creation but creatively inspired

I do not understand me!
Could you repeat me please?
Particles of edis saloc
Taste the thought provoking breeze.

An interpretation of creation
Feel the uncontrolled is oscillation
But a vision alienation

Enter into a labyrinth
A new direction to uphold
New inputs accepted
Then as entering the world still turns
and mother nature will never grow old!

Angels found is symmetrical visions - impossibilities come to life
Edis saloc stripped from nature
Severely severed
Placed in a pyramid

. . .

Unleash your swimming life
Allow it to be caught by science
Life’s boundaries are beeing smashed
Progress in natures defiance
Existence without creation
Life without conception
Humanity pushes progress but is it in the right direction – baby?


Not knowing where you came from
Professionally created
Who were you spawned from?
Frozen you have waited.

An after crop of technology, not knowing the warren crop of
flowing milk and honey. Experiments no longer restricted to
animals as long as you got the money.

Caught in a realm of fantasy - is an actual reality. Life of mass
brutality, you're blossomed from modern surgery.

End the tears of infertile parents, embryo's paused in time.
Is your life an endless question or unnatural crime?

Now you know, you have been told the truth about your life
Your father was a sterile testtube, your mother a surgical knife

Unable to carry a child so meek and mid - who's fault is this?
Our seed shall blend with science in an alliance - our minds insist
So now you find your life's and endless cause.

The endless question that haunts you - you can not pause
Your parents say they are truly yours
Answering questions, opening doors

. . .

I feel and I smell and I taste and I see
experiences they dub reality
I'm living life's journey the best that I can
but sometimes I find I don't know where I am
I often perceive the world out of context
The more that I wonder the more I'm perplexed
So I look to balance and self harmony
while I'm in life and wile life is in me

I am being who is unique
what I discover depends what I seek
I wish to travel without to within
to discover existence outside of my skin

I feel and I smell and I taste and I see - understand reality
I'm living life's journey the best that I can -
but often I find I don't know where I am
I often perceive the world out of context
but wondering makes me perplexed
I look to balance and self harmony while I'm in life
and wile life is in me

I feel, smell, taste and I see
experience called reality
and I live the best that I can

. . .

Once had a vivid dream, Where all was so clear yet unseen. And boundary less I could go, My physical form did not show, And looking down from below, At the people who gathered and cried, Came the realization that my body had died.

"Female vocals on Jar of Kingdom performed by Michelle Klemke."

. . .

A captive soul returns
Limited materialistic boundaries.
Repeating the progress of leaving
as previous knowledge dissolved long ago.
Bewildered by totems in nature
we quest universe reflection, but

When mind potentialities exhaust
the answers remain untapped.
Homosapiens terrorize one another
Conforming like drones
Homosapiens, molesters of nature
Homosapiens, parasite of the Earth

Concepts of existence astonish,
reality resides within myself.
Significance is questionable
We’re less to the universe
then amoeba to the oceans

A mass of molecules and atoms
united to my consciousness
Ending in physical errosion
Repeating the cyclic process

Is this concept mirrored within myself?

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

Dwell on an eccentric orbit, plutonian hemisphere engaged
in a mutual - eclipse. The sun just a bright star low in the sky.
Rock and ice, the dark world under -
Charon, where the light succumbs to dark.
Pluto god of the lower meridian. The apparent paths of the sun.

Two nuclei collide and from into a new phase, exploring retina is
locked into zenith gaze.

Far from a common orbit -
I see sights that no man knows!

The picture of our universe, spread infinitely over space, observe
the riddle that’s entwined -
beginning yet existed forever. Cold as??
The initial state of the universe is often hard to comprehend, due
to the macrocosm of space.

Alpha Centauri is now clear in view, yet the galaxies still can’t be
seen thought. Light years away from any other being?
Shadows of Charon I am now foreseeing.

Existence within worlds within worlds?
Existence within worlds within worlds!
Existence within worlds within worlds?
Existence within worlds within worlds!

Two nuclei collide and from into a new phase
but now the zenith gaze is just a haze.

. . .

Like creatures within the deepest oceans, you are existing unaware of
worlds outside your own.
Disregard what is believed and fantasy shall enter
Begin to think of concepts that are slightly left of centre
Begin without beginning and conclude eternally
A mass infinite cycle I am in and is in me.

The not yet born and dead may know
where we've been and where we go
what's to come and why where here
but when I look it's most unclear.

At times I'm lost with things I find
Is god creator or image if mind?
A macroscopic universe - a microscopic view
variety of astonishment I can't see thought.

Imagine places I've not been
Picture sights I've never seen
Believe in worlds I cannot see
Those I'm in and those in me
Though life's torment I now find
Life may be a state of mind
Disregarding the impossible
We believe in what is tangible

We feel the warmth of one in a trillion starts

Ethereal continuation - thoughts beyond infinite cycles
are we just a chemical equation that reached consciousness
though evolution?

Earth's nature confines itself. But within cosmology - infinity

. . .

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