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Agnostic Front
Agnostic Front

Background information
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genre(s) Hardcore Punk
Crossover Thrash
Years active 1980—present
Label(s) Hellcat Records
Epitaph Records
Nuclear Blast
I Scream Records
Rat Cage Records
Combat Records
Associated acts Roger Miret and the Disasters
25 ta Life
Website Website
Roger Miret
Vinnie Stigma
Joseph James
Mike Gallo
Steve Gallo
Former members
Todd Youth
Louie Beatto
Jimmy Colletti
Lenny Di Sclafani
Matt Henderson
Dave Jones
Rob Kabula
Alex Kinon
Steve Martin
Adam Moochie
Alan Peters
Craig Setari
Will Shepler
Michael Shost

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Agnostic Front Lyrics

"So Pure To Me" lyrics

The life we lead, so pure to me
The strength we built, true honesty
Our loyalty we won't betray
Our roots so strong, they'll never fade

We'll never betray this!
Start from within, a search for an identity
Live for now, for yourself and not society
A promise to oneself to fight for something more
It's so pure! It's so pure!

They'll never fade!
Live this, moving on past yesterday
The future's ours, it's our time to find another way
Here right now, my mind, my life, myself to show!
It's so pure! It's so pure!

So pure to me, true honesty!

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