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8Ball & MJG
8Ball & MJG

Background information
Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1991—present
Label(s) Real Talk Entertainment
Grand Hustle Records
E1 Music
Associated acts UGK
Three 6 Mafia
Young Buck
Yo Gotti
Al Kapone
Tameka Cottle
Website Website
Premro Smith
Marlon Jermaine Goodwin

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8Ball & MJG Album

Comin' Out Hard (07/06/1993)
Comin' Out Hard Intro
9 Little Millimeta Boys
. . .

Comin' Out Hard Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

9 Little Millimeta Boys

[No lyrics]

. . .

[Verse 1: MJG]
Pimpin hoes was some shit that came easy to a playa
Cause ain't no way in hell a bitch could get me to a bail
And how in the fuck I'll ever make some money if I'm pail
My hoes sell pussy at the party for the mayor
400 for the chewin, 100 for the mackin
1,000 for the fucking, 200 for the jackin
Soon as the day is over, my bitch is checkin in
I'ts just like deja vu, again and then again bitch

Come on, Wait a minute MR. MJG
Do you really think anyone's gonna believe that pimpin shit
Huh, I guess not
Haven't you heard, that pimpin shit is dead

[Verse 2: MJG]
Bitch chill, Hold up, you got a pimp fucked up
Can't help it cause you don't know, ain't my fault that you stuck up
Ya parents didn't teach ya, the streets didn't reach ya
I'm makin easy money from the judge and the preacher
The mayor likes the bitches cause they beat him with a chain
The judge and the preacher love to hear dirty thangs
The governor was first on the bitch payin list
He busted a nut soon as the bitches touched his dick

[Verse 3: Eightball]
Comin out smooth, livin like a pimpsta
Gotta flee the bitches and they all call me mista fat mac
Pimp tight, what the fuck you wanna do?
See me in the streets, sweep 'em off and down you and your crew
Gotta be ruthless, smackin hoes toothless
Suckas gettin dropped when I'm poppin with the glock bitch
And the niggaz that hide cap and act like hoes
When they see the 93 with the switches and the voes

Eightball, tell the truth
How yo fat ass goin be doin all that?
Talkin bout pimpin and shootin up niggaz
And braggin bout fuckin, what'z up wit that?

[Verse 4: Eightball]
I'm big as a motherfucker, I don't look fast
But I'll jump up quick, and stick my dick in yo ass
And for you niggaz that talk shit, don't step too quick
You know who got my back, a clip full of hollow tips
Tec, 9 millimeter, glock or 22
Mafia style, don't even fuck with the pimpsta crew
Bust the yak and pass me that bud sack
Cause niggaz with nuts, can't even fuck with the fat mac

[Verse 5: MJG]
25 birds on the counter in the den
Nigga gettin bailed cause they go for 5-10
Pot good and hot now I'm lookin for the shaker
Water start to bubble sprinkle in the money maker
The shit is gettin thick I think my pager just exploded
11 birds left, 13 I just sold it
I gotta close shop before it get too fuckin late
Hoe sell time sellin birds 12-8

You know you guys really shouldn't be sellin cocaine to other brothers
It's killin us all off man
I mean how is that supposed to look
Makin us look bad

[Verse 6: MJG]
The cops work for me cause I keep good stuff
And plus the government ain't never paid dem tricks enough
And every time a cop bust some dope in the drug rade
Feds swangin birds in the hood by the next day
While I'm makin money off the shit that I done fronted
Nigga fell short, shoot 'em up yeah I done it
MJG Pushin real not cut
Got the feds in my pocket, and the chief by his nuts

[Verse 7: Eightball]
Roll a fat bud, smoke the bitch and then I'm chilled
Fall off in the club drinkin yak dressed to kill
Niggaz that be jealous cause dem hoes be on the jock
Don't disrespect my pimpin or you I will have to drop
No I don't be playin, what I'm sayin what I speak
Some niggaz don't understand then I have to go and teach
What Eightball is about and what the future got for me
A screw of dead niggaz and a pocket full of grip G

Damn, Father just like some niggaz man
Dem niggaz ain't goin never be shit
Dem niggaz forever gettin fucked up { laughs }
Know what I'm sayin, dem fools was stuck

[Verse 8: Eightball]
Punk ass niggaz that talk shit can get down on their knees
Suave got the hook up cause suave got the cheese
And I got the bomb and MJG is in the tank
Posessin ya mind and then we blow up the bank
Yank yo hoe from the front row, and then jet out
When we get to the hotel, your bitch is on the house
Fuckin and suckin a pimpsta, fuckin and suckin a pimpsta
What, we through, pass me that joint nigga

. . .

(feat. Big Duke)

Now I was clicking out my barrel just to see if it was loaded
checking out it's bullets just to make sure it won't explode this
hand around of the handle of my snub, no skill
I must be for real in the procedure for a kill
stood around the corner while I cased out the bank
busted in the door and stuck the guard wit' a shank
ran up to the counter pull the gun out wit' the quickness
shot the bank teller so it wouldn't be a witness
fled out the door with the money in my left hand
still in my right hand running like a wild man
ran to the hide-a-way knowing they was after me
burned out my id stole a jeep Cherokee
couldn't be late for my trip to Jamaica
heading to the river skeeming up on how to take a
boat from a victim, rush right up and stick him
with a sharp object making sure that I get him
put it to the river, see, nervous as a lunatic
jumped out of the veichle as borrowed me a boat quick
jumped on with the gun, soughter on the break and run
shot with the gat, in the back, like in Vietnam
quickly making waves in the river as I ran fast
got a mile in the boat ran out of gas
oh no Joe! the cops can't get me...
I’ll never be wanted for armed robbery

On the other side of town
moving quickly rolling swiftly in da hoopty ride
loading up the nine cause there just my be a homicide
MJG know the plan so the shit is on
by the time 5-0 come we'll be through and gone
got to the area, stop then took a glance
puttin' on the ski mask, stuffing the gat in my pants
where I saw the right on time, now it's time for the crime
do the crime waste no time then I’m going to get mine
waited for the door to open shot the first trick I saw
then shot the other fool I ain't thinking 'bout no law
jumped in the truck put the pedal to the medal
then fired up a square man doing about 1-10
looking in my rear-view 5-0 everywhere
messing up my plans with them helicopters in the air
headed for the airport, wait I see a road block
hit the gas even harder fool I ain't gonna stop
crash through the road block they ain't gonna get me yet
J-Smooth waiting at the airport with a private jet
jumped out of the truck with fast P’s right behind my ass
running trying to shoot my nine holding bags full of cash
jumped on the jet now we set to hit the runway
took to the air yea I got away scott-free
fired up a Mac j P’s didn't catch me
countin all my money from a strong armed robbery...

You thank it's over but it ain't
cause I can't get caught by authority
the camera at the bank got me ganked so they know it's me
reached for artillery, put the shank in my mouth
dove off the boat to the river and I bailed out
swam like a fish greeted land with a kiss
did I hit or did I miss well it goes like this
I put the money in the spot
took the clothes that I got
tied them up in the bag same place I put the mask
changed clothes in between spots
hands, spot-C
the designated area we call spot-B
see I can't be broke so I come up with a plan
the man, money soon in they hand
get over get up and jet
bounce the set
the longer u stay the quicker you get arrested
MJG testing his strategy..
wit' a slick armed robbery

Flying through the air on my way to Jamaica
thinking about why I took the money for the faka
me living poor and wishing to be richer
and me like Picasso I had to paint a picture
of people dying rapidly, trying to imprison me
just because I took a little money in a robbery
landed in Jamaica chilling with the dreads
smoking on the gunja messing with my head
the feds came behind me hit me with a billy club
I fell to the ground, turned around pumping slugs
jumped up quick, ditched the gun as I ran away
ran to the hills where I hid for a few days
no, I’m not the one that they will catch soon
bought me a palace in the hills wit' a hundred rooms
I got the money, got the women, got the B-U-D
I plead guilty to armed robbery!

. . .

Ah yea
Eightball & MJG in the muthafuckin house
We came here today to talk to about this thing
called pimpin
It has been misunderstood over the years
so now we have come to set the record straight
niggas don't do this shit right
it takes a special kind of nigga
you know what I'm sayin

It takes a nigga dat hard from the start
you gotta have heart
to meet a bitch, mack hard down, then rip her apart
it's all in the game, a nigga can't change
if you don't break a bitch
then your game is lame man
see I'm from Tennesee
wit curls and gold teeth
so every were I go, bitchs strike up conversations wit me
about the way I talk, about the way I dress, about
how my gold teeth look so fresh
see how I bait a man, seen as a nigga speak
that deep voice just make a bitch knees weak
I'm in my cadallic, chillin like a fatmack
smoking on a fat sac, drinkin' on a pint of yac
I pick up my car phone, call the freak beat
It's my nigga baby mama, but sometimes I creap
that's just the way it is, niggas have to take a chance
when you ain't around, anybody could be in dat ass
But I just a young nigga, trying to make a dolla
and they way I live, to some it's hard to swalla
see livin' down south ain't what you think it be
nine times out of ten niggas like me

Ya that's right
we trying to teach all these lames, you know
how to do this shit
cause it's really a hard job
but them lame niggas
they make me get so high


I just can't seem to get my feet on the ground
I get so high
and I just can't seem to get my feet on the ground


Now let me explain a pimp
a nigga about the m-o-n-e-y
see a hoe, break a hoe
and try to influence the bitch, to a trick the nigga who
persuaded her to sell ass like hoes suppose too
now how in the fuck do you think a pimp is slippin
surrounded by all these hoes
that's going and givin me money
it's funny how a hoe can make you think she wit ya
when all the time
she's just another niggas gold digger
MJG got a bitch for a rich trick
take care of your business
bring me the money, ya this shit is thick
hoe don't violate, bitch I know I taught you better
take all of cash, grab on his ass
write dat trick a love letter
train your woman to break a man
man meeting another nigga
just some shit in the game, same-o-same
to make you pimpin thicker
slicker the pimpin gets, freaker gets the bitch
MJG is rich, I'm coe-coe for this tricks
I pimp

Ya that's right baby
I pimp
so uh, what you need to do is sat dat ass there
and uh, right about now, I bout to fire up one of these spliffs
and get so high

[Chorus x2]


Part 2
It's all the same G
trying to school fools, on this P-I-M-P
lession one
first you should pull a bitch, fuck her good
next time tell her no, the next time take her dough
oh, you better watch your back to man
cause there's alot of bitchs in the world wit much game
lession two
watch dat hoe, don't trust her wit none of yo dough
never let a bitch know, how you much yo cash flow
lession three
if you don't tell dat hoe who is boss
bitchs like to run shit
but end up getting smacked in the mouth
see a real nigga believe in beatin them hoes down
push they head into the wall until you hear dat crackin sound
drown in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub
some niggas get pussy whipped and fall into them love bugs
buying hoes this, buying hoes that
then bragging to your friends
how you fucked her from back
never how you took they cash, never how you beat they ass
never how you pull hoes, fuck them, then dropping fast
I don't understand your plan at all man
but you should be around niggas like me

Ya man
this niggas is a trip, you know what I'm sayin
but niggas like me, I have to smoke them spliffs
to get my mind off dat shit, and when I smoke um'
I get so high

[Chorus x2]

Wherever there's a hoe
there's bound to be a pimp
the pimp supplys his bitchs wit some tricks
dat they can tempt
a sucker will spend his money, till he ain't got nothin left
instead of blamming the bitch, he needs to blame it on himself
it wouldn't be hoe, if it wasn't for the tricks
but I suggest we keep em', so a pimp can keep his bitch
It needs to be understand, there wouldn't be one without the other
so why the fuck these folks keep trying to sweat a muthafucka
jealous suckers just mad!!!
they can't hang with the pimp thang, looking to sprinkle some salt
in a pimps game
how in the fuck do you figure pimpin is dead when nigga you know it's alive
pimpin is misunderstood by those who can't, that's why they said it died
others tried pimpin, but were only makin chump change
one track minded niggas never run a Amtrain
rearrange shit dat they done seen in a movie script
dam ain't dat a bitch, niggas like me

MJ fuckin G, P-I-M-P
staying down on this pimpin bout' these hoes
but some niggas fuck shit up for real niggas
and dat shit just makes me get so high

[Chorus x5]

. . .

Eightball will come out hard with the gangsta lean
gold smile for the women that be jockin' the green
i'm a pimpster
not a trick on a stroll
ya gotta pimp that thang and keep a trick on hold
stay on top of the world, wit a gun in ya hand
take control of a woman and fear no man
it be hard for me to see a day with outkast
if you got it and I don't I'll blast your ass, with the quickness
because a pimp don't play
I got to work on top of my game and think of ways to get payed
born in the Mound, down, deep in the south
with the brothers with the curls and gold teeth in they mouth
and the cheverolet impalas with the craters and vogues
fo'teef, with the yak, smokin' fat mac indo
fall up in the club with the pimps, the tone
gotta tuck in my pants, ya step to me and it's on
gotta family in Memphis, gotta gang in Texas
T-Money in the Jag and JB in the Lexus
cystiff, grip tight nine in the studio
I'm comin' out hard

Hard out, Hard out,
Comin' out, Hard
Hard out, Hard out,
Hard out, Hard out,
Comin' out, hard,
Hard out, Hard out

MJG description a brotha
and one who tends to always keep his business undercover
but still I wind up in the middle of a click
some I heard, he heard, she heard,
should I continue to listen to the rumors, the garbage
trick, I ain't for this, sucka let's start this ruffness
wait trick you missed, I hit darker, into the sleeper
now you feeling weaker
man don't slip when you think you got backup
looking for some help but ya boys just slacked up
punked out, backed out
way low headin' to the front do'
sneaking out real slow
how ya feel now?
what's wrong, what's the matter
mama never told you not to play with those rappers
MJG got loose in the 9 deuce
but for the 9 tre the pimps don't play way
I'ma stay true
some of ya'll goin' tre
some of ya'll i'ma lay
some of ya'll i'ma hate
but see I'm in it to win it
lining up for a party
just to consider it a job, for me to come out, damn, hard


I gotta come out hard as hell just like the life I lead
cool, feed on the next brotha's greed
J-Smooth cuttin' up, lil' Hank gettin' buck
killers be shootin' up suckas with no gut
I'm scoping big bucks, looking for the payoff
living like a pimpster, checking everyday off
riding through the hood with my homies gettin' smoked out
fall up in the mall, let my hoe stro' loked out
cool, calm and collective, comin' out hard
MJG count it down

1, 2, 3 points I gotta get across
1, don't
2, make me
3, go off
suckas gettin' stuck up in the face
tryin' to amaze, somebody else, but they find that it don't pay
i'm gonna keep, droppin' tracks, smokin fat-mack hay,
in the ash tray, 3 quarts, put away
gat on the table cause i'ma able, i'ma keep it
right up on the shelf, where I know that I can reach it
my mind is a weapon, cause I'm smart from the start
MJG...(pimps don't play from the 9 tre)
comin' out hard


. . .

Now, I was broke as a muthafucka, my life at the end see
My so called friends, they had no ends to lend me.
My job at Mickie Ds was fuckin me with no grease
I worked so damn hard, but the money, it never increased.
I quit my fuckin job, I had no job nigga
Put on the mask, get the gloc, it's time to rob nigga.
I hit the streets, but no victim had been chosen
Damn I was nervous, but my fear wouldn't stop my strollin.
Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I was struck
I felt the burn of bullets, so I knew I had got bucked.
Reachin for my tech, the bullets hit me in my chest
My eyes closed shut, and I thought I seen death.
I woke up at the med still woozy from my jackin
T-Money walked in and he told me what had happened.
I knew him from the hood, but I did not know him well
He drove a red jag, and I knew that he was bale.
He said he was rollin when he seen me in distress
He said he killed the muthafuckin niggas with his tech.
He offered me a job said he'd front me what I needed
I said that I was with it dreamin one day I would be..
Mr. Big!

Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.

I hit the street slaning ya-yo, then I sold up my block
Sellin 8, sellin deals, sellin $20 rocks.
Sellin dimes, sellin nickels to the junkies on my tracks
Gettin my dick sucked with the crumbs from the crack.
Some fool tried to jack me, but he only had a knife
A clip full of hollow tips took the bitches' life.
Standin on the track, my mobile rung and it was T
"Hello?" -- "Yo Eight, be the fuck aroung 3" --"Aight!"
I met him at the park, he had a job for me again
Rob some Columbians, and get my ass in.
Hit for 30 birds, if I live, I'd get five
I smoked them damn Columbians, and then got what was mine.
All the time, my clientel rappidly increased
My bank got bigger, that's when bitches started jockin me.
Cars and clothes had me fuckin different hoes
A fat bank roll was keepin me cool with the 5-O.
I had niggas workin under me to take the heat
I never touched the dope, makin a 100 Gs a week.
I gained respect, I'm the biggest playa of all time
Don't ever fuck with me, cause I'm ...
Mr. Big!

[repeat chorus:]

Chillin at the club with T-Money and J-B
Lil Adrian and Boo, and my nigga, MJG.
I had the bitches staring at the twinkle of my diamonds.
Drinkin on this Yak, makin my way to the back.
When I saw this little bitch lookin finer than the rest.
With a long black weave and a tight red dress.
I started conversatin, but she didn't want to talk to me
Straight up to the hotel room, now the bitch is suckin the
Dick of this nigga that is smarter than the bitch thank
Then she got up, now somethin in the air stank.
She went in the bathroom and locked the door behind her
I got off the bed and grabbed the tech from the dresser.
Stood by the door when it opened, niggas came out
Grab my muthafuckin gun, "Hey nigga!" [pow pow]
Then, I grabbed the girl cause some more niggas had busted in
Shot that bitch in the dome with my muthafuckin chrome
Shot up all the niggas, but I took one in the leg
When the cops busted in, I was laying on the bed.
Walked up out the room, did I go to jail?
Hell no! They can't stop me..
Long live Mr. Big Ho!!!!

[repeat chorus]

. . .

Rollin' down Park Avenue bumpin' maze
My Caddy with them switches, got them bitches in a daze
Niggaz on the gank, smokin' dank, goin' nuts
And all I see is dope and dead niggaz bloody guts
Sometimes I go and click and smack my bitch up with the gat
Or blow up niggaz cars, cause I heard they call me fat
No I'm not a wimp, cause the pimp is in my nature
I got too many hoes bein' away, but ain't my flavor
I'ma dope seller, stick 'em up, killer or whatever
Game from slangin' birds, 211 or 187
Smack up my bitches on the street that owe me ends
Learn from the start, in the game ain't no friends
Just a lot of bitches with they hands out

Whatsup with that?

Smilin' in my fuckin' face, stabbin' me in my fuckin' back
All up in my business, whatsup with my grip bitch?
Steppin' up, one nigga died with a mouth full of pimp shit

Whatsup with the bitches aye? Whatsup with the bitches aye?

Fuck me, suck me, jack me, 'til my diggidy-dick ejaculate

Whatsup with niggaz aye? Whatsup with the niggaz aye?

Tell 'em not to fuck with some niggaz like us!

[Hook: x4]

I'm reachin' for the pump and the loaded automatic
It's 6/5 bombs from the box in the attic
A phone call from Eightball let me know the scope
T-Money and J.B. had to scope a young hoe
Not a true bitch, but a true bitch nigga
We rollin' thick as hell so how the fuck that nigga figure?
His gun nor his gang is gonna be a threat to us
With 1 fire bomb, 1 got him at the dusk
And the nigga down with me said:(Damn G you been having gank?)
And at that very moment, he was askin' me to shank it
A nigga ain't suppose to smoke a trick and get sad
And thats the first example of a killer goin' bad
I gotta take him out, if he live he'll confess
So Eightball you ready?(Yeah)
Shoot him in the chest *1 Shot*(I got him)
One mo' motherfucker dead over bullshit
Guess he didn't really know the niggaz he was runnin' with
M.J.G., Eightball and Killa-B
Lil' Han and J-Smooth, T-Money and J.B.
Lettin' these imitation motherfuckers know
Niggaz like us don't be headin' to the flo'..HOE!

[Hook: x4]

Suckers can't get none

Suckers can't get none

G. pass me my clip so I can load my lil' uzi gun

Eightball you got me covered main?

Yeah I got yo back main

Let these bastards know that we don't bar no fuckin' blood stains

What about my pimpin'?

Is it strong?


Got a lot of bitches?

Got a gang, and it's gettin' bigger

Bigger than a mac-jay, smooth like a 5th of 'yac

Let 'em know we deadly G

Is Deadly as a hit-a-crack

Straight from my gun to yo head

Then we got ya

Cut a nigga throat, naw that's another chapter

Kickin' ass

Makin' stiches

Smokin' bud

Fuckin' bitches lip....

..stick on my dick from the suckin' and the kissin'

She was kissin' on a....


Could it be a....

..A fat trick

All up on my niggy-nuts, talkin' that love shit

Ain't no use in startin' shit

Ain't no use in tryin' to fuck

Bitches can't fuck with some niggaz like us

[Hook: x4]

. . .

1 to the muthafuckin 2 to the muthafuckin 3
The sound of the boom is sweatin ya hard like a mystery
Could It be
The pimps could rule the nation in '93'
And MJG is gonna start a new race
Replace the weak tapes we got in the first place
And chase that live on cops quick, out the hood
And beat that ass like a cop would real good
And keep that bud goin on like the Flinstones
And shake them bones when you feel the ? comin on
See up in the ground, down a hit and lean back
Look at ya self and see what I'm sayin is real fat
Society lives off what the media tells us
And niggaz be joinin up wit the shit that they mail us
See pimpin ain't dead yet, see pimpin can pay the rent
And pimpin is demonstrated by those in the government
The money they send you ain't shit but nickels and dimes
And you been stuck in the ghetto since 1979
But it's time to switch it up, unhook it and fix it up
Change it and rearrange it, complete and pick it
It's a book with hard covers thats packed with ideas
We rule the future years
Erase the black fears
And change the system, step up and dismiss them
Tricks from the White House
Move in and they move out
Now I'm runnin thangs, my workers walk wit a limp
My whole staff is bitches and all the judges is pimps
If ya weak in the game, thangs are bound to show
Cuz a pimp got a stroke, and a wimp can't flow
And I ain't no muthafuckin fall guy, but Imma try hard
To let you know this pimpin ain't gone never die
M.J.G pimp tight
Young black nigga, no wife
No children, just hoes
Supplying the muthafuckin nation wit a dose
Of what, has been injected and now it's on
The muthafuckin pimp is in the house

. . .

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