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50 Cent
50 Cent

Background information
Birth name Curtis James Jackson III
Born July 6, 1975
Origin South Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Gangsta Rap
Years active 1997—present
Label(s) Interscope Records
G-Unit Records
Shady Records
Aftermath Entertainment
Associated acts Eminem
Sha Money XL
Website Website

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50 Cent Lyrics

"I Got Swag" lyrics

I don't really think she wanted me back then,
She want me nooooowwww!
She can play games all she want, she can not pretend,
She like my styyyyyyyle!

I got swag, now I got paper!
I'm rollin' in the dough! - I'm caked up!
I got swag now I got paper
I'm swimmin' in the dough! - I'm caked up!

[Verse 1:]
I was a real bum, now I'm really rich kid!
I come through hood in some really really sick shit.
The Rolls, the roof gone, ya flows they lukewarm
That's why you not me! - Na-na-na naa-na!
She like Kim! Her lifestyle what she wanting
Bottle after bottle by the bar, I be stuntin'!
It's Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci hat!
Big doofy cat, hit you in your Cufi hat!
You know me, I told your ass, you know in '03, +Get Rich Or Die+!
G-5 I fly write my name in the sky!
Pick a island on the map. - I been to it!
Shorty wanna try anal. - Her friends do it!
Wrist rocked up shining! - Flawless diamonds!
You could hardly see the face on my hood, I'm a timin'
On the JT shit! - Me? I'm bringin sexy back
Louie V' belt wrapped around, rite where the Tec be at!

[Repeat Chorus:]
[Repeat Bridge:]

[Verse 2:]
Getting paper's my objective, yup! - Now ya' chain gone!
One false move and CLAP! - Now ya' brain's like me!
Ya all hype to me! - Me? I'm into me,
I destroy my enemies! - Even if they're kin to me!
Do 'em like the Kennedy's; ching-ching, that's more bread!
Say something slick out ya mouth and I'll come for yo' head!
She likes me, more than you can imagine!
Bad bitch! - Look like she fell out a pageant!
Closest I'm a get to Heaven in this lifetime
Is right below her waist - in between her thighs? Call her pussycat; that's my nickname for her
And I ain't got to buy shit or run game on her!
See when I stunt, she stunt, we stunt together,
Oh you don't like how that sound, aww nigga whatever!
We both rock Backari! We both push Ferrari's!
I go so hard in the paint, I'm sorry!

[Repeat Chorus:]
[Repeat Bridge:]

[Verse 3:]
You want me? - I want you!
Plug one? - Plug two!
I'm infinitely special, girl the Lord's gonna' bless you
If you do what I tell you to do!
You want me? - I want you!
You want a Benz? - I'll buy two!
You should want me like you want success
Girl with us together you'll be better than the best! - Why settle for less?

[Repeat Chorus:]
[Repeat Bridge:]

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