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116 Clique

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116 Clique Album

13 Letters (2007)
Begin With The End (by Lecrae)
Dig In (by Trip Lee feat. Tedashii)
Gospel Music (Romans by Shai Linne)
Break It Down (I Corinthians by Lecrae)
This Is My Heart (II Corinthians by Sho Baraka)
Justified (Galatians by Sho Baraka)
My City (Ephesians by Flame)
To Live Is Christ (Philippians by Trip Lee)
Let No Man (Colossians by Json)
Keep The Faith (I Thessalonians by Tedashii feat. Diamone)
Stand Strong (II Thessalonians by Tedashii)
Instruction (I Timothy by 1-Lyfe feat. Lecrae)
It's Yours (II Timothy by Lecrae feat. Rick Trotter)
Sound (Titus by Trip Lee)
Take 'Em Back (Philemon by Dillon Chase)
Get Loose (by Trip Lee feat. Lecrae)
Evolution (by Sho Baraka)
Carry Mine (by Tedashii)
. . .

Thought it was just CDs and concerts?
You must be kidding me!
Naw man, this is a lifestyle
Traveling across the globe presenting the truth of Jesus man!
Let's go!

What up Hiphop?
What up gangstas, nerds, people in the hoods, reppin' out in the 'burbs
What up church?
Listen, this is for you
We're statin' the fact from the scriptures written to you

That's right, we're still in your area
Ain't nothing changed, we're still the truth carriers
[Team got hunger], way more hunger
The one we follow is Christ,
His grace flows stronger

They should have never dated team [nathesis]
'Cause now we pass ports both air and seas, yeah
We ain't no preachers, but catch us in Greek, yeah
Translating the Word from the Word to reach ya

We ain't looking for decisions and converts
You can put your hands down after the concert
Christ wants disciples, that's the aim
So after the heart change they can rep the name

And we ain't saying we don't want to see 'em saved
We're saying we wanna raise not spiritual babes
So we keep the end in mind when we hitting the stage
Every new believer means another soldier to train

You share the gospel, that's cool, what'cha do that for?
Now he got a new life, tell me who that for?
The goal ain't gettin him to heaven, thought you knew that bro
It's to train him so he can go and reach his crew back home

Common, yeah
13 letters
13 letters
13 letters
God wrote them through Paul all inspired the truth
And we just want to spit them back to you
So what to do!
So let's go!

1-1-6 Clique man
Here to present to you the truth of God
13 letters, the Pauline epistles
Being spit to you over tracks, man
We got a diverse album right here man
Folks from Phillie, St. Louis, Kansas City, Texas, Tennessee
All coming together to promote the truth of God
No glory to none of us man, all glory to God
We wanna give you a survey of the Pauline Epistles
It's not an exhaustive study it's a survey of all the books
So get your Bible, get your pad, get your pen, turn your stereo up

. . .

Yes sir, everyday got to jump in the text
'Cause He's the better way, yeah, the Son is the best
That trash: I'll pass on the pump and the vest
Got the sword of the Spirit, I run to the text
I run to the best answer for every question
It's got every teaching, every lesson,
That we could ever need for reppin'
Jesus, yes sir, He's a blessing
We got to read His Holy Word
To deny this bible's so absurd
I deny my pride, and God is first
So I got to dive inside His Word
What other way could we know how to live this thing?
It's inspired by the Spirit, man
So listen man, the very Word of God is in the scriptures, man
We got to see its God breathed, and it's His will for all creeds,
All races, all nations, Genesis to Revelation
So get up in it if you want to know
His will revealed through the Son and more
It's real, but you'll feel dumb to go
Without it as a Saint it will stunt your growth
But bro you supposed to grow much closer
To Jehovah bro He wrote you
All we need to grow as soldiers
And show other folks, we 'posed to
So grab your pen, pencil, highlighter, and your commentary
And dig deep in the scriptures, Jesus with us He can carry

Bible, check; spiral, check, highlighter check
Now dig (dig in it), dig (dig in it)
You want to know Him? Got to dig (dig) dig (in)
You want to know Him? Got to dig (dig) dig (in)

Verse 2:
Where all my cats who know the bible's solid?
Grinding off in bible college, getting it in with Psalms and Prophets
Becoming urban bible scholars
Yearning, learning all the knowledge
Then putting it to use now that you got it
We need it, must read it, Jesus He is pleased with solid doctrine
Where all my cats who get up in the Word and love it?
Not just when they be up in the church in public
But in private they dive in, it be on they mind, they be thinking of it
We need that, read that, see that Jesus gets the glory He deserves
And the only way we can know His ways is if we stay up in His Word
He inspired it through writers they was carried along
The Spirit inspired the bible so all its merit is strong
Yes sir He breathed it Theopneustos
So if you trying to move close
Then get it, live it, give it to some faithful men that you know
Hope your passion is real passionate
Everybody in the faith got to master this
He ain't just write the Bible for the Pastor kid
So how we all gon' slack with it?
We got to get up in it heavy and be ready to live it out
This is for my Christians in it trying to figure scripture out

Verse 3:
It may seem hard to understand at times
But depend on the Lord He handed down
Scriptures pointing to Himself don't just try to stack knowledge to cram in your mind
It ain't about knowledge you stack or all the doctrine you pack
Inside your mind man God's design was not just for you to find the facts
Don't be like them Pharisees, man they knew the scripture good
But from the looks of things apparently they ain't know all that they should
The Jews was searching the scriptures looking for life, the eternal kind
But for certain they was missing Christ John 5, verse 39
But don't get twisted man they intentions was great
But they was missing the faith, they had it twisted mistake
So get up in them right, they a witness of the Christ
Search it learn it then stick it in your life
Listen to the Christ's works and person
And perfect is a description of Him right?
Then pass it along to some faithful dudes
So cats will get strong and convey the truth
To others we love to discover truth and pass to our other brothers
Did I st-stutter? We got to follow Christ and His Father and the Spirit inside us guides us in the Word that's the model

. . .


I'm not ashamed of the gospel, y'all
It's the power of God that can save us all
In the gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed
And who lives by faith? The righteous will!

(Verse 1)
Awake from your slumber, rise! A letter from the wise
The book of Romans- the Christian faith summarized
By Paul, a bondservant of Christ Jesus
Called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel (1:1)
Chapter 1:16-17 is the thesis
Because our sins are colossal, hearts are harder than fossils (1:21, 29-31, 2:5)
That's everybody's plight; cant' solve it- goodnight!
How do sinners get right in a Holy God's sight?
Amazing is the answer, see- Romans states it candidly
The first three chapters- God's case against humanity
Whether it's idolatry (1:23) or religious hypocrisy (2:1, 23)
No one can possibly see the charges and say "It's not for me"
Everybody's guilty, everybody's filthy (3:9-19)
Before God on judgment day is where everybody will be (2:5, 16)
For those who believe in Jesus who suffered and died
"It feels so good to be justified" (3:21-26)


(Verse 2)

At the cross the wrath of God was spent on Jesus
On behalf of all who repent and believe this (3:25)
We receive His perfect righteousness (4:5)
In exchange, believers cursed lives are His (4:25)
Behold the blessedness for earth's cold residents
Chapter 4- Paul defends it from the Old Testament (4:1)
Up to this point, we saw the need for justification (3:19-20)
In chapter 5 and following, we see it's implications (5:1)
In service and purity, we yearn for maturity
Empowered by Christ, who gives eternal security (5:9-11)
Slowly but surely, He removes every vice
Raised to newness of life through our union with Christ (6:4, 14, 17)
But chapter 7 finds us struggling with sin (7:15, 21)
It's buggin' us within but He loves us to the end (7:24-25)
Even with complications through sin's occupation
For God's consecrated there's no condemnation (8:1)
The Holy Spirit inside, He comforts like no other
He convinces us we're God's children even when we suffer (8:16-17)
Nothing in creation could ever separate us
From the love of God in Christ Jesus who saved us (8:39)
In chapter 9 we see God is sovereign in His mercy (9:15)
His dealings with Israel shows He's working out His purposes (9:11)
By the end of 11 it's Jew and Gentile together
United in Christ to His glory forever!


So in view of God's mercies
We remove our worldly uniforms and throw on crucified jerseys
Holy and acceptable, ruled by the divine
Being transformed by renewal of the mind (12:1-2)
Yeshua's design- obedience to the Scriptures
With love as the key ingredient in the mixture (12:9-10. 13:8-10)
The godly man's picture under the new covenant
Mindful of God, we submit to the goverment (13:1)
Not passing judgment on weaker brothers
Instead we spread love to them to keep them from stumbling (14:13-15)
When we do this, God will truly then smile
As Christ is glorified through jew and gentile (15:5-6)
And the God of peace at His judgment seat
Will soon crush Satan under our feet! (16:20)
Now this is just an overview- go and read Romans through
And I pray the God of Romans will grab a hold of you!

. . .

Break It Down (I Corinthians)

Let me tell bout my home boy Cory this is the first verse of the very first story /call it the first letter/ you can call it whatever/ long as you hear the truth and leave surer than ever/ Cory's a new believer actin like he's in gang/ he run around sayin his Church is the greatest thang(1:10:-4:21)/ He won't check a sermon unless its his Bishops name/ It seems he forgot to keep Jesus the main thang(1:10-12)/Cause Bishop aint raise up after three days up/ he aint take ya case up/ offering you his grace huh(1:13)/ But Cory stay divided all the time/ not Christ but a man that he standin behind(3:4)/

Chrous: I got this little letter Im tryna break down/ (break it down)/ So you can hear the Truth in the Sound (In the Sound)/ Division (1:10-4:21), A whole lotta Sin (5:1-6:20), I can't forget the problems of people living within (7:1-15:58)

I got this little letter Im tryna break down/ (break it down)/ But let me tell you Cory background/ he started off crazy parties/ full shawties religious ceremonies where people was gettin naughty( Study the History of Corinth at this time)/ but all that changed/ the truth of God reigned/ The Gospel spread within Him/ like viruses in the veins (Even in such a sinful environment, people came to Christ in Corinth 1Cor 1:4)/ but mayne even tho his hearts rearranged/ he found himself caught up in some of his old ways/ he layin up with women his sinning was gettin strange(6:12-20)/ he thought the more he sinned the more Jesus pleased to save/ He thought cause he accepted His brother touchin his mother that he was spiritual cause he let em get with each other(5:1-13) /Cory had beef with another within the faith instead workin thru it they opened a court case (6:1-11)/ a slap to the face of the God who gives grace/ Corys outta place tryna carry his own weight

Now Cori got married but every where he turns he sees lust burn and women waitin to serve him/ yeah an coris learnin' / satan wishes to turn him away from His wife to satisfy all his yearnings(7:1-40)/ Divorce aint legitamate/ if both are regenerate/ what God put together let nobody put a split in it (7:10-16)/ but see that aint the end of it/ He sought his own benefit/ He would do things that his friends saw as forbiden/ and tho it wad no sin in it/ His homies they was ignorant and they were made weak cause His liberty was their hinderance (8:1-11)/ Unlike an apostle no concern for the Gospel/ no denying his rights nah homie wasn't that thoughtful...thoughtful...(9:1-23)

maybe I should take a second to explain main that Cori aint a person but a group of people(The Corinthians). many just like Christians today. Caught up in their own worldly culture no respect for divine authority, the Lords Supper, and still exhalting Gifts which are all given by the Holy Spirit to begin with more than love for on another. (11:2-14:40) Everything we have was given by God who commands us live outwardly toward others. I pray none of us wrestle with the Ressurection of Jesus(15:1-58) holla at me if you do. Above all things love GOD and LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

. . .

Yeah, this is the testimony of our conscience (This is my heart)
That in holiness and Godly sincerity
Not in flesh and wisdom have we been above reproach
Especially, towards you, 2nd Corinthians baby.

This is my heart upon the letter, I had a burden since the last time we were together
The God of comfort will comfort me and comfort others, a suffering shouldn't keep us from loving on our brothers
We had a sentence of death within ourselves, but God gave comfort and grace and gave an escape
A physical affliction is that of Christ's glory
It's for us to relate and share in faith
Have not my conduct with you, been above reproach
And those who question my heart, they're pretty much a joke (that they are)
Reaffirm your love through unconditional acts
Be forgiven and restore the sinning man back
To those in Christ we are the aroma of life
But, the aroma of death to the perishing type (ok)
Do we need you to commend our works? (no we don't)
Have we not been there to heal your hurt? (yes we have)
Our recommendations is that your souls be redeemed
You're being transformed into the image of the King
They want you vial, condemned in the dark
But you received the spirit and it's written on your heart
But thanks to God man (this is my heart upon the letter)
Who always leads us in triumphs in Christ
Manifest through us the sweet aroma of knowledge in him
For we are not like many, we do not pet on the word of God
But from sincerity
But as from God we speak in Christ and the sight of God
Yeah we will reaffirm our love towards you (this is my heart upon the letter)
Yo (this is the heart of a minister)

Renounce the hidden things because of the shame
It's sad cuz I wanna do this because of the fame
And they say that are message is veil
That's because they've been blinded with the passions of hell (that's sad man)
We hold his treasure in Earth in well (by his grace)
So we can be crushed and not despair (still by his grace)
We relate in the body with his death so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our flesh
The pain on Earth, yes it brings out an urgency (yes it does)
Not to be compared with our glory for eternity (never will it be)
Don't get me wrong, I'm not boasting in I,
I'd rather die, than be in the presence of Adonai
But we are now, as Ambassadors on the earth
For on this world, our embassy is the Church

Don't take in vain, the grace of him who received us
And do not be bound together with unbelievers
(come on baby)
Give them no reason to discredit your worth
For what fellowship does the world have with the Church? (not at all)
Hold no grudge, we can not spare to rot in it
If this song leads to repentance then glory to God
Yeah man

The momentary light of affliction is producing in us an eternal weight of glory, far beyond all comparison
(this is my heart upon the letter)
For I say I'd rather to be absent from the body then to be at home with the Lord (this is my heart upon the letter)
For we must all appear at judgment seat of Christ
So that each one may be recommenced for his deeds in the body according to what he's done on the Earth (this is my heart upon the letter)
Whether good or bad, show ourselves to prove
(this is the heart of a minister)
Let's go

I have comfort hearing a view in your repentant
But let not these teachers hinder you when u given
Churches are eager to help in ways that are for natural
My prayer is that you would eagerly follow their example
I boasted of your readiness for a year
Give him your heart and not the pressure of your peers
They say I'm bold in letter, meek in face
If I begin to boast, I boast in grace
If they can boast, then I can boast in position
If they can boast, then I can boast in tradition
I can boast on my physical condition
Stoned and beaten but to God's glory my affliction
I can also begin to boast in division the glory of paradise, which I saw with precision (this is my heart)
But if I saw the vision then God made a decision to put a thorn in my side but his grace is sufficient
So if I'm unimpressive it's for the glory of the Lord
Me being humble is the whole purpose of the thorn
And if you want evidence of my power in the Son
Next time I come, I will not spare anyone
Test yourselves, to see if you are of the faith
Cuz a runner knows he's runnin' if that run is in the race
Finally brothers be complete and like-minded
The love and peace of God will keep us united

For he said my grace is sufficient for you (this is my heart upon the letter)
For power is perfected in weakness
And I'd rather boast about my weakness (this is my heart upon the letter)
And let the power of Christ may dwell in me
I mean whether in weakness, insult or stress whatever, persecution it doesn't matter (this is my heart upon the letter)
For when I am weak he is strong
And I become foolish for yourselves compel me, actually, I should have been commended by you
(this is the heart of a minister)

Yeah I feel the need to commend myself
I just boast in the grace of God
For it is sufficient (Minister, Minister, Minister..)
That's all I got to say
This is my heart upon the letter

. . .

They Talk about the Law (They Talk about the Law)
But they twisting the law (But they twisting the law)
the law is a tutor that leads us to Christ (3:24)
by faith justified and he gives us life 2:16)

Bridge 1
Got grace from the father in the Son were new/
Be filled with the spirit and bear some fruit /
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)

Verse 1

Let me be clear I not here to please men (1:10)
If I was then I wouldn't be a servant of him (1:10)
Im shocked how quickly we turn from the real faith (1:6)
they want to discredit my ministry say I real fake
Im like Paul I got called on my way to Damascus
Commissioned by Christ to go preach to the masses
he wasn't a disciple when Christ took the lashes (1:15-2:14)
since the twelve didnt know him they question his passion (1:15-2:14)
but he preached a gospel that was grace related
not another from the Lord and the Judaizers hate it
false teachers come thru like wolves in disguise (2:4)
and some of my closest boys believe these lies (2:13)
we know those who teach this other gospel is accursed (1:6-9)
and you following these teachings dont benefit the church (3:10-13)
(The Application) not bound to your traditions (4:10)
Free from the law to the spirit Im submitting (2:19)


Bridge 2

I know I'm dirt I have nothing to prove
but be filled with spirit and bear some fruit
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)
say bear some fruit (say bear some fruit)

Verse 2

Why you trying to rebuild what you once destroyed (2:18)
the contracts abolished the laws null and void (3:25)
its no longer I that lives but Christ that lives (2:20)
I no longer have the same priorities you dig
since I understand grace things have changed
If I'm justified by my works then he died in vain (2:21)
cause there is no fury known like the Savior scorned
trying to produce veil after the first was torn
the promise was given before the law ever came (3:14-29)
because there a law doesn't mean the promise has changed (3:14-29)
but what the law does do is shows we needed a promise (3:14-29)
seed of Abraham to whom we pay homage (3:14-29)
(The Application) if all this is true
how can I go back to the things I used to do (4:9)
you can read more, share more, do more things
but its only thru Christ by which we please the King


Bridge 3

Sanctified by the word cuz the word is truth
be filled with the spirit and bear some fruit
Say bear some fruit (Say bear some fruit)

Verse 3
They want justification from the law they've fallen from grace (5:4)
they pretty much denied Christ even died in their place
we eagerly await the hope of righteousness by faith (5:5)
by faith fulfill the law with love not hate (5:6,14)
but I hate my flesh, its bad for my health (5:16-21)
gotta serve my community while dying to myself (5:13)
cuz myself is nothing but a thief and a liar (5:21)
but Christ has crucified my passions and desires (5:24)
if I'm trippin in community your boy will hear it
gotta restore that cat with the fruit of the spirit (6:1)
without submitting to the spirit your boy cant grow (5:16)
and trying to do more, we just reap what we so (6:7)
(The application) walk in the spirit in every situation (5:25)
I'm crucified to the world I'm a new creation (6:14)
Just as Christ is the architect to salvation
the spirit is essential to sanctification

. . .

Verse 1: (Acts 19-20) Let me tell you about my city little homie/ that's if you ain't read where they practice black/ magic and speak to the dead/ minds fried like bleach to the head/ from the stuff being preached by the Greeks if you read/ Our main attraction is our main distraction/ thanks for asking/ actually I can't stand her/ who is she she draws every man/ and every woman from every land/ to her temple of Diana/ She's regarded as a sacred goddess/ one of the 7 wonders of the world/ its obvious that Christ-lessness in my city to worship a many-breasted mummy-looking girl/ Under the Romans my city is free so you can only imagine that's going on/ that's why us believers here in Ephesus have no choice but cling to the throne

Verse 2: When we got the letter from Paul my dawg was locked in chains/ this was the means by which the doctrine came/ it was the teaching explaining the gospel main/ from the Apostle Paul written to all the saints/ in Ephesus (Eph. 1:1)/ he started off wit some defini-/tions explicitly written for Christians/ he made it plain it wasn't a plan B/ he predestined to a portion some of humanity/ through His own Son/ for His own glory/ through His Son's blood/ (Eph 1:3-6) said he was praying for us/ that our eyes will see the hope of the call/ the riches of glory His inheritance He has is us all (Eph. 1:16-19)/ Said we are saved by grace through faith/ faith's a gift (Eph 2:8) so faith through grace/ in light of that we shouldn't live like we used too/ it's crucial that we don't do/ what we used to do (Eph 2:10)

Verse 3: It blessed our hearts to read/ how God revealed to Paul this mystery/ how we were far from God with no peace (Eph 3:1-6)/ we can't lie dawg we been foul/ cats might even know us as Gentiles/ in other words we are not Jewish/ we'd still be dead in our sin if God did not do this/ tear down the wall between Jews and Gentiles/ praise God now I can be His child (Eph 2:11-13)/ now we can walk in unity with no beef/ and keep the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace (Eph 4:1-3)/ and share our gifts as we edify one another/ no harsh jokin being corrupt lying on each other/ putting off the old man and putting on the new (Eph 4:17-32)/ in our marriages (Eph 5:22-33)/ families (Eph 6:1-4)/ even on our jobs (Eph 6:5-9)/ the new nature affectin every area of our lives/ the whole armor is applied cause we're soldiers for God (Eph 6:10-20)

. . .

Brethren listen to this exposition
Paul wrote the Philippians some lessons for living (1:1)
Written to them but its real good text for Christians
So read it closely, I hope we can catch the vision
Chapter 1 he tells them he's blessed to get them
Co-laboring with him to serve the best who's risen (1:5, 7)
And that's he's confident the Lord will perfect in Christians
What He started and hearts will be corrected in them (1:6)
Listen, he was in prison now maybe never getting out
But all he could think about was the gospel getting out (1:12-14)
Some was even preaching Christ from selfish motives
Coming at Paul but dawg he shrugged his shoulders (1:15-18)
His focus was Christ the Messiah man (1:19)
And for Him "to live is Christ and to die was gain" (1:20,21)
Yeah, he was hard pressed, but to remain in the flesh
Was more necessary so they faith would progress (1:22-24)
He wanted them to strive together for the gospel
In one spirit, one mind, listen to the apostle (1:27)
Maintain the same love, uplift your brothers
Don't just look out for yourself, but for the interests of others (2:2-4)

Our life is nothing, but Christ is all (1:21)
So conduct yourselves worthy of His righteous call (1:27)
(Repeat 4X)

Chapter 2: Let's examine five through eleven
The blessed lamb who resided in the Heavens (2:6)
Said forget the wealth and emptied Himself
Came as a man and died for the brethren (2:7,8)
Ultimate obedience, he died on the cross and (2:8)
Through His humility Christ was exalted (2:9)
Glory to the Father (2:11), now we should have
That same attitude Christ Jesus had (2:5)
And on to verse twelve work out your salvation (2:12)
The Father works in us in this process of saving (2:13)
Avoid dispute and prove yourself blameless
Children of God in a perverse generation (2:14,15)
Cling to the bible, humility is vital
We see it in lives of Paul and his disciples (2:17-30)
Serving him like father (2:22), some fellow soldiers (2:25)
Let us rejoice, unite, and rep Jehovah

Chapter 3: rejoice in the Lord we serve (3:1)
And forget about the flesh we nothing more than dirt (3:3)
Man if anyone could brag bout they status it was Paul
But to him it was trash it and he counted it as lost
For the sake of the Christ, 'cause He gave us life (3:4-7)
Not through anything we did but through faith in Christ (3:9)
We righteous in the eyes of the Lord's that's blessing
Conformed to His death and His resurrection (3:9-10)
Brethren, I don't claim to have attained perfection's
What he said but was reaching to what lies ahead (3:12-13)
And encouraged the Philippians to model what he said (3:15)
And not to walk in the flesh cause that walk is dead (3:17-19)
But we citizens of Heaven who eagerly wait for
The one that we rest in Jesus our Savior (3:20)
That's who the Lord is and He will surely
Transform our bodies in future glory (3:21)

Chapter 4: he closes encouraging with words
In unity and harmony for those within the church (4:1-3)
Rejoice in the Lord, bro our hopes in Him first (4:4)
Let our thanks and our problems be known to Him first (4:6)
Embrace the peace of God, you can bet on that (4:7)
And whatever is good let your mind dwell on that (4:8)
Then he thanked them again, for they gifts and concern (4:10)
But no matter what to be content he had learned (4:11-12)
Plus he was sure that he could do all things
Through Him who gave strength and can do all things (4:13)
And he told them they did well sharing through all pain (4:14)
And made sure they knew he sure he wasn't trying to get more change (4:15-18)
God will supply all they needs he hoped they might see this
According to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus (4:19)
The truth of Philippians I hope it hit you
And may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you (4:23)
I hope you like what you heard with me rapping these verses
But don't get it twisted, we just scratching the surface
There's more to be learned than this rap is saying
So read it, live it, learn it like the back of your hand-->

. . .

Verse 1
It's been pressed upon my heart to write
To all of my fellow brethren in Christ
Epaphras brought me a concern, my hope is shedding some light (Col.4:12)
Now it's tight to see your faith but I have an alt with you Colossians
The problem is your faith is being wavered by these Gnostics
Allowing them to teach you matters evil at best
And since our bodies are matter God couldn't be in the flesh
They're denying the fact that Christ was fully God and fully man
I fully stand saying who teaches this should be fully damned
I also understand you're fallen in legalism
Believing to be forgiven you're in need of circumcision (2:11)
But I want you to grow in wisdom and truth
Having knowledge of His will, bearing spiritual fruit (1:9-11)
But still in all I thank God for the light He's given y'all
I haven't ceased praying for you daily while in these prison walls (1:3-4)
But these are some of the reasons I chose to write this text
So take heed as you read and believe through Christ alone you're blessed

Christ the Son of Man, the Lamb but still God
Let no man persuade you different than this
King of Kings, Lord of Lord He is
Let no man persuade you different than this
So stand firm in the faith
So stand firm in the faith
So stand firm
Let no man persuade you different than this
Let no man persuade you different than this
He's the full essence of God, man, in bodily form

Verse 2
Concerning this issue of Christ, He is the exact image of the invisible
God who is Spirit through Christ has become visible (1:15-16)
Son of God, firstborn of us all and it's not literal
He's chronologically first, the best way to keep this biblical (1:15)
So what I'm saying is He was here before all beings
And Christ was not created but He has created all things (1:16)
Provided all means needed to save men, was stainless
Alone through Him we're holy and blameless (1:19)
He's the Head of the church, we're just the body that's formed
He's the full essence of God, man, in bodily form (1:18; 2:9)
I want you to see that Christ even rules in His seniority
Angels give Him the glory, creation sees His authority (1:18; 2:18)
He has prevailed over the law of the lost
And yes, He has paid your ransom, it's nailed to the cross (2:13-15)
I want you to know I write this so no man can persuade you
But you'll stand firm in the Son who was crushed to save you (4:12)


Verse 3
So if you were truly buried in baptism with Him and was raised up
Just as He has risen His will is to change us (2:20;3:1)
Our aim thus is changed up to seek the things
That are above, our lives' love's to please the King (3:1-2)
So we're committed to putting to death our members
And every evil desire that's springing up from within us (3:5)
Our whole plan as believers, you know the goal, fam (family)
Is daily look more like Christ and put off the old man (3:8-9)
Put on the new man He seeks to use
And stand firm there is no distinction between Greek and Jew (3:10-11)
The peace is through what was done, the lies should stop
Salvation is through the Son, circumcised or not (3:11)
Let His word dwell in you richly to show that you've known Christ
Just as sho (sure) as you've grown right, fruit will show in your home life (3:16, 3:18-21)
I pray this encourages you when this is received by Tychicus
Written by Paul's hand, remember my imprisonment (4:7,18)


. . .


Verse 1:
Grace and Peace, take a seat
hey lets get into this man (1:1)
It's been a minute so lets get it because I'm amped on his name
Now as you all know
Paul wrote and said he couldn't wait to see us (2:17)
He said he tries but I quote, "Satan still impedes us." (2:18)
So until he can make it we read the letters he sends
That says he's not forsaken
even when oppression begins (1:4, 5:23-24)
So lets begin with the fifth lesson for today and tomorrow
Cause Paul answers questions you have about today and tomorrow (Ch. 5)
And whether or not the Saviors coming back, today or tomorrow (5:2)
Instead of sharing the time/he exhorts us to pray and stay watchful (5:6)
It's easily seen like signs of a pregnant woman who shows (5:3)
And a thief in the night is surprise
if you're watching your doors (5:4-6)
So tomorrow's worries weaken when we're waiting with hope (5:8)
Anticipating his arrival keeps you ready for sho! (sure)
Lesson four can bring us more of an insight to this section (Ch. 4)
Especially when we start discussing the dead's resurrection (4:14-16)
Remember Paul wrote, those who are sleeping
"that past on"
Won't be passed over
so stop the grieving (4:16)
For if we believe in Jesus Christ and that He's still living (4:14)
We also believe He'll take those who are asleep as Christians (4:14)
So the topic of tomorrow is not my concern
Just the fact He's coming back and that He's soon to return (4:16)
Now with that on my mind/it makes today so crucial
Because the God who's coming back desires to live through you (1:5-6)

You took the word as it is
Let His love be fruitful in (1:6)
Your works of Faith and Love, so
Keep the faith (1:3)
It'll get a little harder/Yeah, yeah (2:2)
It'll get a little rougher
Oh Yeah (2:14)
But there is hope in his promise so Keep the Faith (1:3)

Verse 2:
Now I know you wondering how this affects us today man (4:13)
But you need the background to be effective today man
Do you remember lesson two when Paul called us his crown (2:19)
His boast before the Lord because we was holding it down (2:19-20)
Cause we heeded to the lessons that he taught to the crowd (2:13-14)
So much so
we all decided we would take our idols down (1:9)
And the news begin to spread fast all over town (1:8-9)
From our people to their people
in the towns that surround (1:8)
We proclaim the name of Jesus while we walking around
And it's crazy cause our neighbors started following us 'round (1:6-7)
Lesson 1 gives the reason why we all in this now
God predestined he would save this Thessalonians town (1:4)
He elected us for truth and Paul strolled into town (1:5)
Without the Gospel as a lifeguard we all would have drown (2:13)
In the sins of men and trends that be bogging you down (1:9)
We were homeless with no family like a dog in a pound (1:4)
Till God decided to go looking through the lost and the found (5:24)
And He spared us from His wrath that He'll be calling down (1:10)
Don't you get it?
We did, that's the reason why we miss him
Paul was like our father who taught us
all how to be Christian (2:11)
Like with the motherless
He nurtured us
and showed us his vision (2:7-8)
He loves us
that's why when he prays we're constantly mentioned (1:2-3)
So the call for us today is we continue his mission (4:10)
Long to lead a quiet life and to attend to your own business (lets get it)(4:11)


There is joy in the firmness of your faith (3:7-9)
There is life in you embracing his grace (3:8)
So keep praying
and rejoicing in thanksgiving, and loving in patience
And just keep the faith (5:15-18)
There is hope in His return and that He will come (1:3,10)
There is peace in the promise of His love (5:23-24)
So keep praying
and rejoicing in thanksgiving, and loving in patience
And just keep the faith (5:15-18)

Verse 3:
So in conclusion for today, I say
continue in faith (1:3)
With love/Hoping in the day
the Lord will snatch us away (1:3)
Be an example for the saints that we find in Achaia (1:7)
Standing strong
no matter what
reproducing the savior
Cause the joy of a teacher is when his students can grasp it
it's mastered
And we live on through you training up the masses (1:8)
And honor you leaders
in love
appreciate their work (5:12)
Servant leaders making disciples as we create the church
Remember to exhort and comfort to alleviate the hurt (5:14)
And run from every form of evil to not deviate the church (5:22)
Though we imitate the saints and the God that we serve (1:6)
There are still great afflictions that can rattle your nerves
And this life will get so trife and it'll throw you a curve
And there are people who live evil
feeding a sexual urge (4:5)
So be holy/living solely
for His glory (5:19-22)
Possessing your body rightly in the purity that he showed us (4:3-4, 5:22)
Cause no matter how much we grow
or no matter how far we go
We still could do some more
even if Timothy gave a good report (3:6)
So lets continue to work and labor
and endure in this race (4:1)
Eagerly hoping for the moment we will see His face (yeah)(1:10)

Scripture reading: Chapter 1, verse 3


. . .

Stand Strong (II Thessalonians)

Verse 1:
Take a seat/lets get into this/ There's been a challenge to the truth/but there's defense for this (2:1-2)/ Since Paul's first letter there's been need for another one (1:3, 5, 2:1, 13, 3:1, 6)/ Cause the other one was compromised by a cover up another one (2:2)/ Cause some of us/thought Paul was sending....wait (2:3a)/ Slow up, lets just start from the beginning/ First, Paul felt morally indebted just to give thanks (1:3)/ For our faith and increased love toward the saints (1:3)/ For this reason Paul bragged on us (1:4)/ Because we all persevered through attacks on us (1:4)/ And these attacks are evidence of His righteous judgment (1:5, 2:14)/ Proof we've been proven worthy of a righteous covenant (1:5b, 1:11)/ And don't sweat the hatters because God is just (1:6)/ To punish them and give you rest so in God we trust (1:6-7)/ So until the Lord comes back to take us home (2:16, 14)/ Persevere through afflictions baby and stand strong (1:11, 5, 2:15)

Stand strong in the faith/God called you to this thing (2:14)/ Persevere through the hate/do it all in Jesus name (2:15, 1:4)/ Cause the Lord is coming back, yep/ the Lord is coming back, yep (2:2)/ The Lord is coming back, yep/ the Lord is coming back (2:2)/ See the Lord is coming back/and he'll save us from this pain (2:2, 2:14)/ Don't get lazy in the back stay disciplined in His name (3:11, 6, 14-15)/ So stand strong in the faith, yep/strong in the faith, stand (2:15)/ Strong in the faith, yep/ stand strong in the faith (2:15)

Verse 2:
Now there are some of us who have been tricked into believing/ All kinds of rumors about the return of Jesus (2:2)/ Apparently there was a letter with false intent (2:2)/ Bent on contradicting the first letter Paul sent (2:2)/ So this is Paul's response to end the myth (2:1-12)/ That says the day of the Lord, is in our midst (2:1-3a)/ Don't let anyone deceive you I beseech you (2:3b)/ Hold fast to the lessons in which we teach you/ Remember when Paul was with us he said these things (2:5)/ First rebellion/then comes the lawless man on the scene (2:3)/ Then lawlessness, all of this so man would call on his name (2:4)/ As he's exalting his name, to where the Father's is (2:4)/ But, at this point, we've been long gone with Christ (2:1b, 2b,I Thes. 4:15, 17b, 5:1-2, 9)/ The rapture is a snatching not Him coming back twice (I Thes. 4:16-17, II Thes. 2:1b)/ They're separate and the day of the Lord happens after you (2:5, 12,I Thes. 4:17, 5:3a, 4-5)/ This is not for your calendar but to strengthen your character (2:2)


Verse 3:
Finally brothers, Paul evokes our memory (3:3)/ Christ is faithful in affliction, just be genuine inwardly (3:3-5)/ Committed to praying daily cause we're fighting an enemy (3:1-2)/ Trying to take me out the battle by using the sin in me (3:6)/ And speaking of sin, Paul charges us in (3:6)/ Staying away from the lazy and rebellious idle men (3:6)/ In hopes our actions would invoke some action (3:6)/ Paul's first letter warned and they ignored his passion (3:10, 7, I Thes. 4:9-12, I Thes. 5:14)/ Now the churches reaction has to be more drastic (3:6, 14)/ In hopes that they grasp it/and then repent of their actions (3:15, 12, 7)/ Lets recall Paul's behavior when he stayed with us (3:7-10, I Thes. 2:9-12)/ And how he labored night and day and never made a fuss (3:8)/ Man Paul is our model that we should be following (3:7)/ If a man doesn't work then that man shouldn't eat (3:10)/ Take note of those who disobey this command (3:14)/ Stand strong and quote, "I wrote this letter with my own hand"(Paul) (3:16-18)

. . .

Verse 1:
To my fam in The Faith, stay away from a gospel that's fake
It's falsified they deny the fact that all can be saved (1:3)
Jews and Gentiles alike y'all we're one and the same (1:15)
Cause we're saved from the penalty that's after the grave
Don't be swayed by false teachin' from heathens with swift speakin' (4:2)
Cause they're like ravenous wolves, they savage on sheep sleepin'
Attackin' while we're peepin', apostasy straight creepin'
Believe them and you're in danger you follow doctrines of demons so, (4:1)
Don't get caught in idle talk and disputes (1:6)
Instead guard your flock and show 'em how to walk in the truth
Don't ever let anybody despise your youth (4:12)
Be an example through your actions in everything that you do (4:12)

What it is? (what it is?)
It's the Church (it's the church)
Listen In (listen in)
Put in work (put in work)
No more church corruption (Naw)
No more church distruction (Naw)
First Timothy (Yeah)
These are your instructions...

Verse 2:
Writin' to Christians fullfillin' the Great Commission
While we're out upon the block callin' all the lost to repentance (2:4)
Fulfillin' evangelism reguardless if we're in prison
Rep the risen 'til they listen we got a vision for missions
Rewriting the definition of doing our Father's business
We the witness to the paganist nations makin' a difference
Christ is the mediator who takes and changed our existence (2:5)
Cause we've fallen from the state where He made us naked and sinless
The ransom was paid for men were depraved (2:5-6)
The death and the grave couldn't hold Him, He rose in three days
The Ancient of Days crushed Him like a can under weight
To provide an escape route so that men could be saved
The sin that we crave left us feeling lonely and pain
While we was trapped in our transgressions like a rat in a maze
The sacrifice that Christ provided is the only way (2:5)
If death were today remember me by spreading The Faith


Verse 3:
Now saints in these last days some will depart from The Faith (4:1)
Follow deceitful teachings preached by the god's of this age (4:1)
That's why I urge you to remain in the ways you've been trained (4:6)
Provide a self-examination so that you won't be strayed
Beware of the wolf rockin' the sheep's fit
They deceive quick, able with fables and street myths (1:4)
As the clock ticks so our condition gets more sick
Our condition is fallen so Christ gave us a free gift
For this end saints we toil and strive (4:10)
Cause we set our hope and our worship on the God that's alive (4:10)
Who's redeeming His people that's the reason He died (4:10)
Christ is our satisfaction so in Him we abide
Last but not least these things I charge unto you
Pursue godliness and do it like He's callin' you to (6:11)
Shepherd the flock continue teaching them in wisdom and truth
Until the day we meet again fam, Grace be with you (6:21)


. . .

Yeah, 2 Timothy
When I think about the book, man, I think about legacy
And our legacy as Christians is the truth of God
God has entrusted us with His truth
Wants us to pass it down from generation to generation
And that's what Paul was doing to young Timothy
Expected Timothy to continue the movement
Passin the truth of God down

My time on earth is short, I know I've seen my final days
I thank the Lord above and for you every night I pray
I remember your tears - you bring me plenty joy
Your faith was real ever since you was a younger boy
So keep the movement going - you gotta stand firm
Don't be ashamed of the truth, and let your flame burn
They got me locked down, but we'll never stop now
Not now - look at all this truth that was brought down
And you've been taught now - you gotta pass it on
Invest your life into others so this'll last long
I'll be livin' through you, you'll be livin' through them
They'll continue to do what you taught til the end
And everything I taught to you, teach to faithful men
And make sure they're faithful, otherwise they won't teach again
And everything I taught to you, teach to faithful men
And make sure that they're faithful, otherwise they may not teach again

Now, I've been runnin' this race for some time
Now I hand it off to you 'cuz it's the end of my life
I'm prayin' that, oh, wherever you roam
Know you'll never walk alone, oh no
Keep your faith in the Word of the Lord
Teachin' men to worship Christ is what we live for
Then give it back like I'm givin' to you
The time is yours, it's yours

You're a soldier - follow your orders to fight
Don't get caught up in wordly ways, you're on a mission for Christ
Be an athlete - that means you're runnin' to win
You gotta train and follow rules to finish well at the end
And like a farmer, know the soils of man's souls
So when you're sowin' their hearts, you know what seeds to sow
And like a workman, you're not ashamed of your life
'Cuz you rightly divided truth before you reigned with the Christ
And like a bondslave, you have no will of your own
Just follow the will of God until you kneel at the throne
These are the last days for men, the lovers of pleasure
They don't seek God's treasure and they change with the weather
But you know my life, you know my faith
You walked in my shoes, you looked in my face
Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra, too
I was beaten down 'cuz this is the truth, this is the truth

Now, I've been runnin' this race for some time
Now I hand it off to you 'cuz it's the end of my life
I'm prayin' that, oh, wherever you roam
Know you'll never walk alone, oh no
Keep your faith in the Word of the Lord
Teachin' men to worship Christ is what we live for
Then give it back like I'm givin' to you
The time is yours, it's yours

These are my last words, this is my last phrase
These are my last thoughts, these are my last days
My life's invested in you, just as Jesus did for me
And through you, I live also - continue on with this legacy
Your prayer for me - carry out the evidence of this love
And let the truth you learned in youth that you're convinced
Yes sir - God inspired these words to teach you (teach you)
So you'll know the truth and it could reach you (reach you)
Then it reproves you and it beats you
Corrects you and straightens you up just where it needs to
Then it instructs you, it disciplines and trains you
In righteousness, so you're equipped to be who God has made you
And what I gave you is more than my words
It's my life transferred since the day we conferred
So preach the Word, in and out of season - the reason
Is Jesus - believe that I seen Him, they need Him

Now, I've been runnin' this race for some time
Now I hand it off to you 'cuz it's the end of my life
I'm prayin' that, oh, wherever you roam
Know you'll never walk alone, oh no
Keep your faith in the Word of the Lord
Teachin' men to worship Christ is what we live for
Then give it back like I'm givin' to you
The time is yours, it's yours

It's yours...

. . .

Yes Sir
Yes Sir

Thriteen letters man ..
We gona take a lil look at the letter that Paul wrote to Titus.
And I'm praying that it will help us see how we can apply,
get a brief overview, and encourage further study.

(Yea lets get it)

Lets take a look at the letter Paul wrote to Titus, yea we bout to dive in,
I hope you'r exited (c',mon)

fo sho it's inspired lets go and aply it,
arrive at conclusions useful to giving
Christ the glories that he deserves,
the stories is in his word
Titus is all about giving glory at his church from Paul
. . . a bonservant to Titus . . .They both serving

Both serving Christ with their life with the must urgence,
Titus was his disciple he him in Crete, Why?
To keep the church in order, his lessons complete . . .

With rules about elders fools who need helpand,
jews who do fail stay tunes to see what he tells us,
it may seem far from us, just irrelevent text

"What if we not pastors?" ("but just rest for a second") "ok"
I promise I'll bring it home, let's invest in the text (c *mon)
I'm about to hit you with the hook
I be addressing it next.

Let's be sound in faith,
the doctrine in speech plus deeds rep.
Jesus the king, let him lead us please plus
we see he told us how we must be less ,
read and trust Jesus who freed us

please in our faith the doctrine's is speech
plus deeds rep Jesus the king let him lead us
please plus we see he told us how we must be
less we dun trust Jesus who freed us please

Paul told them elders need to be above approach
with love and hope and livin in all the stuff he spoke,
but then there are those who wear the clothes of elders
but bear the woes of false teachers not speaking truth.

so don't select those, correct those men(correct 'em)
and defy'em they tryin'
they say they know God , but by they deeds they deny' em.

1:5-9 are the type of cats we wanna pick,
for leadership within the church them other cats
we' pose to fix

but hold up, don't tune me out
I hope that you endure and see
that these things are really marks of a mature believer
we can see that and apply it to our own livin,
instead of sinnin trippin and livin with no vision,
don't miss the catch too (really?)
it adresses me and you and everybody
with some lessons we can use
se read it all and pick the parts that seem to be to you
Live out the sound doctrine, let people see the fruit.

Let's be sound in faith,
the doctrine in speech plus deeds rep.
Jesus the king, let him lead us please plus
we see he told us how we must be less ,
read and trust Jesus who freed us

please in our faith the doctrine's is speech
plus deeds rep Jesus the king let him lead us
please plus we see he told us how we must be
less we dun trust Jesus who freed us please

(YEA) Let be blameless and show consideration for man
(why?) cuz we was just like them before he saved us within(ok!)
It wasn't strange we had rage and hatred for man, (man)
disobedient deceased and enslaved to our sin (slaved)

But he saved us, not on the basis of man,
but thanks to his mercy regeneration begins,
Poured out his holy spirit man he placed it within,
justified by grace thats so amazing for man,
if we see this, believe this we saved and freed.

We say "Jesus lead us to engage in deeds
forget foolish controversy and stay in sync
with he who saved us, and raised us his name is sweet.

(c'mon) I pray that as the body of Christ we model this life,
and reference the book of Titus to follow him right,
and we're an accurate reflects and as his beautiful church,
and let us rep him with our words and our beautiful work.

Let's be sound in faith,
the doctrine in speech plus deeds rep.
Jesus the king, let him lead us please plus
we see he told us how we must be less ,
read and trust Jesus who freed us

please in our faith the doctrine's is speech
plus deeds rep Jesus the king let him lead us
please plus we see he told us how we must be
less we dun trust Jesus who freed us please

. . .

Allow me to introduce this book. It's called Philemon. It's oh so personal (1:1). The book bares the name of the person whom the words are to (1:1). Paul's urging dude praying for this servant who (1:4) refreshed the saints day by day in the church, its true (1:5). He was encouraged too by this dude's passion. Fellowship growing in faith, it was fantastic (1:6). But he had this slave Onesimus. This man happened to steal some things and ran away. Yeah, he fled faster (1:15/1:18). Philemon didn't know. He ended up in Rome where God redeemed his soul through Paul's teaching (1:10). The gospel of Christ made some things change because now he and Philemon became the same slaves - slaves to Christ. Onesimus stayed beside Paul in Prison He had changed his life (1:11/1:13). So he served Paul. It hurt Paul to have to let him leave (1:11) with this letter in his hand hoping he'd be received (1:12).

Take him back. It don't matter what he did. Christ Forgives, that's what it is. I know you've been wronged. He's been gone for a minute but now God got up in him, so I call for forgiveness.

So Paul the Apostle saw that he ought to resolve what was harming the body. He's got to. So he comes on strong but then also as a fellow servant of God as he talks to (1:8-9) Philemon pleading for Onesimus. Please don't grieve him I need him but he is still yours so just listen (1:13-14). His presence is dear to me but he's dearer to you (1:16) and it's so clear to see, since hearing the truth He's been adopted and cleaned (1:10) and often it seems that God in his sovereignty saw that these things like him thieving and leaving you for a season. Through that, God redeemed him and cleaned him so he can (1:15). Be yours forever as a brother in Christ (1:16). So receive this letter, don't cut him off twice (1:17) and whatever he owes you charge it to me. Even though you owe me, I want you to be pleased (1:18-19).

Paul wrote that he was sure and secure in the fact that Philemon would surely enjoy taking back (1:21). This man who had wronged him before in his past but now they were one in the Lord. It's a wrap (1:16). Just like Onesimus. We need forgiveness when we grieve our Lord who saved us and filled us with His spirit to seal us in and heal us from the illest sin even though we're sinning men. Look at what we did to him but he takes us back, and what we owed was paid on the cross with the blood that flowed, From the side of his body, now I'm in the body/ Of Christ in the light still I say I'm sorry/ To God for the charge that was held against me/ I'm forgiven because he was nailed to a tree. So I yell and I scream as I'm telling these people that we need to be like Jesus and seek to take him back.

. . .

Get loose, if you know you got that truth
Say I'm not a slave don't take no abuse
Get loose, ever since you got that truth
You and God got a truce, set aside for His use
Get loose (Get loose) Repeat 8X

Verse 1:
Everybody get loose we free from chains
Thanks to the King Christ Jesus man
Since the day we was born we was evil man
Being slaves was the norm then Jesus came
Now we stray from the norm, He redeemed us man
Not in prison of our sinning homie we been changed
In the end we'll be presented with Him free from blame
All because of what He did we live in freedom man
But its s-so whack how we g-go back
Back to the past like th-throwbacks
We ain't 'posed to act like that o-old cat
We in sin acting like we can't h-hold back
We ain't gotta act sick, we don't have to switch
Lil' homie go and check Romans chapter six
Think we gotta act bad? Nah that's a trick
Don't pick sin as your master to crack the whip


Verse 2:
Yeah freedom was the reason He set us free
Yeah the Lord Christ Jesus the best you'll see
Get to know Him, behold Him, I guess you'll see
Any hour more power than a SUV
Yeah enough to make cats that always look to sin
Make them write whole verses and hooks to Him
Make them unfoolish students of the book like Him
Make them walk like, talk like, and look like Him
I feel s-so free, He got a hold on me
And it's no way I'm going to the o-old me
Since I'm freed from deeds how I'm posed to be
Man I'm staying close and praying that He m-molds me
I'm running from my sin 'cause I'm free from that
But every now and then I feel myself creeping back
Then I run to the Word where Jesus at
And pray He'll lead my life and be pleased with that


Verse 3:
Nah we ain't gon' take that no more
In sin and your growth on slow mo
No more drank, no dro to blow
Trying to push you to the Lord that's what I flow for (flow for)
So bro, let's celebrate we free dog
Sin ain't got a hold on me dog
Running back to the Lord when we fall (we fall)

Go Dallas, get loose now
Go Houston, get loose now
Go Memphis, get loose now
Go Chi Town, get loose now
St. Louis, get loose now
New Orleans, get loose now
Go VA, get loose now
And in the UK, get loose now
Go, go, go, go, go....

. . .

Intro Bridge:

It's your boy B-scientific
here to talk evolution wit you
He who began a good work within you will complete it till the day of Christ
Reach records, 116, turn my life up! I'm sho baraka baby

Tell em how you evolved!

Verse 1

I walked the earth with a pained disdain for my birth
Then I met Christ the healer, gave a cure for the curse
Time's before that, I didn't think it was worth it
These Christians ain't worth the penny-loafers they go to church with

You might even catch em on the same block cursing
If God's so good, why our life look worthless?
Then I figured it out, why they weren't learning
They didn't have the Spirit, so they didn't have discernment

So what they call themselves doing, ain't worship
They don't love the Lord, all they care about is churching
Last one in church, first one out
First one in the liquor store, passing out

But I saw a couple of men, who would live it out, ......
I was something like Thomas, I landed my hand on my doubt
Got my hands to the plough, not my hands to the gun
I thought I was down, let me tell you what I was


I was young, I was dumb, I was just too cool
I was loud and obnoxious, I was just that fool
Love money, love lust, love me, love greed
No limits to my conscience, anything to succeed

I was selfish and conceited, love rage, love hate,
A wanna be thug, a plain disgrace
Your boy did a 180 cause the Lord had grace
Sometimes I wanna go back, let me tell you why I cain't.

Verse 2:

I was a slave to the night-life
Sex and the Chronic
The erk and jerk, mad dog, gin and tonic
Then God pulled my heart strings, yeah He's harmonic

Now I'm going to live forever, I'm bionic
Put death in a check hold, and slammed it like onyx So we can slam dance in heaven, its iron
After years of research these scientists couldn't figure
How I acted like an ape, but evolved from a sinner

The company I loved greed and drank brew
But now my boys love reading Greek and Hebrew
Used to want a rolls-royce, but your boy stay broke
But I got my own phantom, yeah the Holy Ghost

It's in a 6-foot frame, with a chocolate candy paint
On the highway to heaven on a license plate "SAINT"
I turn my life up, you can hear it through the psalms
I came a long way, let me tell you what I was.


Verse 3:

I been bought with a price man, my life's not my own
Fell flat on my face when I saw that throne
Now I'm humble and I'm wiser, man I serve that Lord
Stay sharp for my team man, pack that sword

Heard about the crucifixion so my life's been changed
I'm crossed eye now, so I might look strange
Got a hope, got a future, got a purpose of life
Bill man to devout man, share that Christ

Love my neighbor, love Yahweh with all my might
Walk it out in the spirit man, be that light
Show love to my brothers, cause they act too tough
Everybody needs love cause they ain't that rough

Got fellowship, read man, hit those knees
Hate sin, flee lust man, God be pleased
I have to bear fruit since I claimed Him cause,
I came a long way, let me tell you what I was.


Can't go back baby! We've evolved! We were once dead in our trespasses, now we're alive to God baby! Oh!!

. . .

Verse 1:
Since before I was a notion to be complete and even before Vera and Victor would speak to meet/God predestined that the days I would hit the street/in a dorm on my own I would seek for peace/then God showed up, and like the old folks say, "He showed out"/Gave me my grace plus peace and left no doubt/its on now, I'm a new creature/the old is gone now/instead of all that Jeezy its Jesus Musik that's on now/Switched, my affinities/died to my amenities/and told all my partners I'ma live for infinity/I changed my allegiance with more than a pledge/and told all my boys stop mourning the dead(me)/I'll forever serve the Lord because He/took that cross/seem to lose all my boys but I took that loss/cause who's my mother or my brother but the ones in Christ/and since the Lord decided to give us all one more night, then I'ma/

Carry Mine/cause I believe He's God in the flesh/I carry mine/He's the one that gave me my breath/I carry mine/truth hit ya boy like a shot to the chest, I learned/living for the Lord has eternal reward/so I'ma carry mine

Verse 2:
Turning from the lies that you heard that this world is better/like 2nd Kings 7, sharing good news like the four lepers/that, this world is gone pass away/and we live in the last of day/Christ is the way to get pass the gate/idolatrous men get snatched away/see man can gain the whole world but/dog to what benefit/cause I promise you lose your souls investment at the end of it/see His rejections our blessing/we stressing the lesson/the Fathers acceptance of the rejected demands perfection/to stand in and then/bare the brunt of man's sins/cause He transcends man's trends so they call us mad men/but we aint crazy we crunk/to give Him praises we pumped/cause He aint count equality with God a thing to be clutched/instead died and rose on the 3rd/I went and opened His word/my eyes were opening up/throw your hands in the air and surrender your life/and put your hands to the plow/now, shout it loud dog/that I'ma

Carry Mine/cause I believe He's God in the flesh/I carry mine/He's the one that gave me my breath/I carry mine/truth hit ya boy like a shot to the chest, I learned/living for the Lord has eternal reward/so I'ma carry mine

Verse 3:
Dog don't get it twisted/this a call to discipleship/losing your life/that's the call a disciple gets/daily/following the scriptures of God/getting intimate with intent as you listen to God/Da-Da-Daily/down to crucifying your flesh/forsaking worldly ambition cause He's supplying your blessings/see God hip me to his Son and I confessed like Peter/Revelation He's giving to end the beef like Ether/a passion so perfect I wanna spell it out like Retha/Who?/He took the cross and not a crown like Ceasar did/when errbody and they momma was yelling out who they thought He was/He was in the cut/training up His disciples cuz/giving them the proof of the truth that He would have to die/and the elders, chief priest, and scribes all pass Him by/Luke 9, who now/down to rep and walk it out/is it me, is it you/matters not dog cause I'ma....

Carry Mine/cause I believe He's God in the flesh/I carry mine/He's the one that gave me my breath/I carry mine/truth hit ya boy like a shot to the chest, I learned/living for the Lord has eternal reward/so I'ma carry mine

. . .

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