Activist, pasifist, catalyst to wag a fist
Throw up your peace signs show me how you manifest
We all know those suffering for apathy are locked in a box
So show 'em that you have the key
Action reaction no satisfacion
Wheels keep spinnin but they get no traction
Buddha and Shiva and the elephant with six arms
All love jesus so put away your fire arms

Oh now people come together
Let's go down to the gateless gate
Slow down floatin like a feather
Come on superhero it's time to activate

There's cable and satelite and many types of kryptonite
Like moths around the firelight
Pull the plug and save your life
so stand up get up jump up and rise
Everybody look at everybody right in the eyes
Sit in the lotus maintain focus
Self disappearin like (whh!) hocus pocus
Swimmin in the deep end and leapin off the high dive
Call out to all bliss junkies now's the time