War of Ages
"Wages Of Sin"

We've reach our destination yet we've failed you
Dragged through our consequences in our wake we fall

Rise to the satisfaction
Holt to the pain we bare
With our demise we
Rise in all our glory
Rise to avenge our past
Rise as hearts ret glare
Rise with every heart beat Rise

Why have we use are pain as an excuse to fight so boldly
Here I am use me in every moment I have left

We fall

For those of you who hide in the shadows of our forefathers “We are hard press on every side but not crushed; Perplexed but not in despair; Persecuted but not abandoned; Struck down but not destroyed”.

Push though this final hour truth lies within destiny
We bow in your presence bring for the fallen world
Stand for what's been promised we've reach our destination
Through out life we wave and falter and now we wage war

Hold me in your arms how patiently we wait for our own death
We wait for you lord to come and fill the emptiness inside me