War of Ages
"The Fall Of Pride"

Cast aside all your doubt.
We march along the blood stained trails, tangled with the web of our fate.
Any second could be our last.
An army will for at the gates.
With swords drawn we attack deceit.
The weak will perish at your feet as the earth gives birth to death.
Your lies won't take this war from me.
We march to the beat of your heart.
The sound of your voice flows through us as we stand to face our past.
The chains we bear hold us down.
Overwhelming our every move.
We never thought it would be like this.
We're held down by our lust for pride.
Create is us a warriors heart as we battle for an open mind.
Give me strength to pass the test of time.
I know I'll fight for you.
I know this is all you've asked of me but can I just let go.
Lay down your life and put to rest all our doubt.
Free us from our lies for we are made new.
You gather our sorrow in life.
We've fallen from your light and grace