War of Ages
"Silenced Insecurities"

You've never felt an ounce of shame and now you've closed your thoughts away.
You bow your heads and close your eyes only to feel your own securities.
We fall then ask God why have you forsaken us.
You'll never break me down.
I'll fight through my pride.
Stand strong.
You'll never take my faith.
I can't be held down.
Stand strong.
Every time I fall you are there to reach down to me.
You take my hand, lift me up and hold me close within your arms.
And now I sense the time has come to pay back the hurt that was once shown.
So here I am.
I'm asking you to stand and fight with me as one.
We stand up to our feet and cry out: it's time for war.
The hour has come for us to raise our hands and bring a change on this world.
Silence our insecurities from our lips.
Let your trumpets sound