The Vandals
"Stop Smiling"

Happy robots say "life is fine", they're the ones I loathe
they're stupid or they're lying - or a little bit of both.
Ignore disasters and say that life is great,
it never stops a smile on your shit consuming faces.

The stupid hippies, too stoned to see their lives are fucked,
Go with the flow into the shitter they are sucked
and then they
they've got these magic crystals that dont do a god damn thing.
just stinking of pachoulli while they choke on their ginseng.

beating on a drum you sing of quiet and peace.
burning marijuana and take the time to hug a tree
say no posessions but get all that you can.
you stink like shit and smile through it
dont ever trust a happy man.

Cheery retard masses with evil osmond smiles,
way too glad to be here cause "he" is on your side
and then they
hand out propaganda for sheep to join the cult.
collecting guns they rape your daughters but its nobody's at fault.

I dont want to go to heaven, its filled with pricks like you
i wont go inside the gates, leave me in the waiting room,
im sure that god hates you, he thinks your an obsessed fan.
see how you are, i'll never trust a happy man,
never trust a happy man.