The Hellacopters
"Welcome To Hell"

Iґve seen you girl - Iґve seen you walkinґ
ґRound for a long long time
Iґve heard you girl - Iґve heard you talkinґ
Tounge in cheek but it donґt rhyme
Itґs time to move - itґs to shake those
Hips to a different beat
I got time to prove - today is dated
And obsolete

When mountains are too high
And their sides are to steep
And rivers run too deep
Offers like this donґt come cheap
And you got nothinґbut your soul to sell
Cґmon down and we will treat you well
Baby welcome to hell

Iґve been watchinґ you - I watched you
Droppinґout sweet torn and frayed
But nothingґs stoppinґ you - pillpoppinґ days
Are over if you come my way
Absolution girl - let it go and be
The ultimate star fucker star
Got the solution girl - let loose
And dance to a different guitar