Swimming with Dolphins
"Everything's A Miracle"

You put the clouds aside
Illuminate the sky
Through every dark and hazy night you are my guide
For every town we find We'll paint a new skyline
We will always wake up in a different place and time

As we begin descending faster than illumination
You hold me steady, yeah, you show no fear or limitation

You turn the ocean tide,You shake me up inside
The way I feel with you words can't describe
I don't know why or how
But I can't disavow
I've never felt the way I feel right now.

So, don't burn out
Just don't burn out

I've got the brightest star you'll ever find
Even the sun is jealous of the way you shine
We are the constellations in the sky
Wrap me up in your arms,
It's beautiful when time is ours and everything's a miracle.