Pray For The Soul Of Betty
"Truck Stop Sally"

Sally was a girl from Wichita
Pretty little jewel with a Cheshire smile
Grew up in the heart of a trailer park
No one there to raise her but her big bad pa

Daddy had a streak like a lightnin' bolt
Sally took the brunt as his whippin' post
Waited 'til the day she turned 16
Got up in the morning, yeah she split that scene

She knew it all along
I guess she knew, she knew it all along

Made for the border down Highway 1
Man, that girl knew how to make some fun
Free as a bird, yeah she spread her wings
Take 'em round the world, yeah she knew her thing

She knew it all along
I thought she knew, she knew it all along

Oh, yeah, better never a comprosmise
Sally opened up her eyes
Better never compromise

Truck Stop Sally won't you look my way
Drop dead midnight 'til the break of day, break of day
Sing a sweet song, mouth on fire
Brokenhearted man like a burnt out tire

I bet she knew all along
She fucking knew it all along

Sally, don't you hear me callin' out your name