Portugal. The Man

Conductor stood up and took role call
He sent love and happiness into the next car
"Are you in today?"
The bags are in and we plan no stops?
Just fearing sleeping in the box
“Are you in today?”

Who built the love?

Mayor stood up in high demand
He spoke in trash cars and garbage rails
“Are you in today?”

Found the feet won’t lift the feed
Slipped to the shoes just before the bed.
Beds are empty as the throats and banks
That rise free of the cries and crimes that cry
Are you in today?

"Will there be a better place?"

Teacher stood up and took role call
Sent the boots, the coats, the caps the colors
Are you in today?

Slip into the water
Slip into them jewelry cuts
Slip into the mind the coats the caps the colors and the banks
That jail the problems that go
Are you in today?

I found gold?gold got it got it?
Pears and peaches and Doctor Hippo
Met for a drink in those marshmallow clouds
Shout at pavement that’s sprouting up turnips
Who are shouting right back,
“We don’t need your lectures”