"Straight Through"

[Intro: sped up vocal sample]
Tonight's a special night
So remember with pride, these 20 happy years

I can't leave my b-boys alone
I can't leave my b-girls alone
Let's turn this house right into a home
C'mon y'all let's get into the zone
Vibrate or mute or cellular phone
In here they might already be on roam
Minds are blown, I'm showin
You ain't gotta go major you can do it alone
As I look back on all the years, all the tears
All my peers, in fear
I hear, insecurity, the need for clout
Low self-esteem and self doubt
KRS lays out a whole different route
And shows you what hip-hop is really all about
Then we on the route, release self doubt
And sing with the feds when the fear is out now
Clear 'em out now, from the bottom to the tip-top
Take the vow, I am hip-hop
And recreate yourself, love don't hate yourself
Do not deny or lie or fake yourself
You can make yourself, reawake yourself
You can mold remodel and reshape yourself
You gotta take yourself more seriously
Create yourself to what you really can be~!
Yo the villain is free, look at me, I do what I do
I am hip-hop and so are you
Yo we almost through, but before we go
I wanna invite y'all all, to every show
Where the b-boys and girls are kept on their toes
Like the Rocksteady Crew tribute with Fat Joe
So now you know, if you got what it takes
No doubt, show 'em what you really all about!

Yo, now that that is out of the way
Let me continue what I came to say
Breakers, writers, emcees and DJ's
Beatboxers too we've come a long way
Come to the Temple of Hip-Hop today
Our hip-hop week is every third week of May
Hip-Hop appreciation we remember
Hip-Hop history, that's in November
Peace, love, unity, that's the agenda
When I'm on the mic that's just what I send ya
We at the end sir, so what's the answer
Hip-Hop can be more than MC's and dancers
It's time to expand your
Awareness, consciousness, enhance your
Living, tell me, what are you playing for
What are you staying for, what are you giving?
I will demand your respect, with two MC's
Two b-boys, two DJ's on set
Two hour shows you bet!
We get authentically hip-hop as hip-hop can get
Independent, free from debt
2005 you ain't seen nuttin yet
Some like it dry, some like it wet
Some like to give, some like to get
Some like a good soundset
You a b-boy and you ain't been out to the Bronx yet?
No, yes, maybe, someday
Whatever, we bring it to you Sunday to Sunday
Workin for peace love unity and fun day
Just a little somethin to balance off gunplay
So now for the break if you got what it takes
No doubt, show 'em what you all about!