Free Energy
"Young Hearts"

So the light grew dark
And they hid their hearts
They didn't think
That it would ever get better

And now the kids are all dancin'
A lightnin' trance
And the young hearts
Are told to surrender
(Whoo, hoo)

And now they want us to make this clear
That it's all right here
But now the psychics are gone
Don't I know it?
(Whoo, hoo)

And we're becomin' aware
There's something charged in the air
It feels like love
But we're so afraid to show it

So now it's all war
Can you remember how you lived before?
Was there a time in your life without a war?
You ever think that there might be something more?

Yeah, they're comin' alive tonight
They be preparin' now, they're ready to fight
The sky is electric, my skin don't feel right
But either way it's gonna end all right, end all right

Oh, they're comin' around now
Yeah, they're comin'