Fatboy Slim
"Are You Ready For Freddy"

Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Fredd-y
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Fredd-y
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Fredd-y
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Fredd-y

Freddy Krugers the name, and you know my game
Elm streets the place, you got the time
Listen to this, yo Busta Rymths

Fred Krugers the man, oh Fred Krugers the man
He gets you in your dreams, thats somtin' you dont under stand
So sit back Jack I'm gonna bust a rythm
grab a hold of your self, its Kruger time

It's time for freddy, see I'm a popular guy
And if you dont know yet, your gonna find out why

D-Dont fall asleep, asleep

Three A.M. Freddy's here, on M T.V. gonna bust a rythm
when you see him coming down better lock the door
Watch out for Freddy and busta rythms

Even if the dream worrios fails and Mr. big time Fredy Kruger prvails
It'l be on Prime time, but you'll never frget, what he did to the girl with the tv set
but you cant stop Freddy because he's cold as ice
he'll come back at ya to slash and slice like a gistu blade
or a blender he'll blitz ya
Fred Krugers playing on Rits


Trilling old ones, new ones, your mama to
and if you dont watch out, i'm gonna thril you to
So my advice to you would be to..uh...stay ready
cause you know whos back...Freddy
Yo my name is Freddy and I'm here to say
I'll wrap you up and take you away
And if you feel like your tired, and ready for bed
Dont fall asleep, of you'll wake up dead