(feat. Lil Mizzo)

(Chorus: female singer + (DMC))
Goodbye (And I would never ever say)
Goodbye (Yo yo yo yeah, uhh, yeah.. and I would never ever say)
Goodbye (Woo - and I would never ever say)
Bye bye (I gotta, I gotta)

Yo yo, who know the game like me, who seen it change like me
I'm the MC'n O.G. from the N.Y.C.
And I ain't never leave the streets, the ghetto made me conscious
And I've been doin it since you rappin cats was still in diapers
But it seems to me these cats are gettin too big for their britches
And they're barkin up the wrong tree, callin my women bitches
I remember - when we used to rhyme in the park
But things have changed, now they bustin shots after dark
Now that's a shame - these youngsters see me in the streets
Ask me O.G. how you do it make it seem like nothin to it
Well I never lost a dream, the hustle's still inside of me
And never even departed me, this rap shit didn't father me
I gave birth to a lot of MC's on this earth
But they're too blind to recognize the truth and it hurts
What would you do if I said goodbye and watched the game crumble
But believe me, they tease me, this rap shit needs me

(Chorus minus some ad libs)

I see you, Lil Mizzo
Tell you somethin, check it

(Lil Mizzo)
Aiyyo I never leave the game, how could I
When there's so much to accomplish than bein broke and stuck in the projects
Come through in a green M-3, niggaz dickridin
Like "Damn, how he do a song with DMC?"
Don't worry about it, just know I'm in the game now
He was such a cute kid, why he sellin cocaine now
But struggling's past tense, I'm rappin now, bought myself a house
with a swimming pool, backyard and a glass fence
There's no time for celebration, mind elevation
If you ain't searchin for money what the hell are you chasin?
Go against ICU I'll put this barrel to your back
You know who this is, Lil Mizzo and Darryl Mack
I been a man since I got in the hood, flow so much niggaz get jealous
Like I can't stand when he drop his hood
How could you not respect Run-D.M.C.
For bein the first rappers to get they handprints in Hollywood
They deserve the respect of a legend, and I'm tryin hard
I can be the best rapper in less than a second
I'm takin over the industry, everybody knows us
I'm only 17 but my mind is all grown up, so whassup

(Chorus - same as before)

I would never leave the game my people love me too much
Because rap is my baby and I watched it grow up
Man I'm still here breathin, my eyes seein
That these rapper cats deceivin, so don't believe 'em
They got the nerve to rap about cars and iced out jewels
Man you rented it from Jacob you ain't foolin me or schoolin D
On how to MC, I be the pick of the litter
I've been in the game many years but I'll still spit a winner
Champ my people from the streets in Queens know I'm a hitter
Knockin balls out the park, gettin physically fitter
Don't duck too slow and don't jump too fast
I roll with young soldiers who put a foot in your ass
They be the new sensation, the next generation
Hollis Queens, Dirty Jersey, California situation
If I kiss the game goodbye, before I leave
I would go and fix some fake MC's, I'm signin out DMC

(Chorus - same as before)