"Cadillac Cars"

(Chorus 2X: DMC)
The Cadillac cars we're supposed to drive
The supersonic jet we're supposed to fly
Things they advertise we're supposed to buy
But the truth about life is we never die

Up in the morning hit the treadmill
Read the morning paper, get the head filled
Eat a little breakfast for the {?} thrill
My son started illin so I said chill
A man can't live on bread and water alone
But by every word proceding out the microphone
My wife woke up, turned the radio on
My son said daddy, they're playing your song
Just another day in the life life
Coolin with my kids and my wife wife
I got a little problem, I got to solve
You see me seekin knowledge as the world revolves
You might not care, but I despair
over which color shell-toe Adidas to wear
But that's alright, hey that's okay
Cause it's the same little problem that I have every day


The L-I-E, is {?} again
And life is a battle, will I ever win?
And you know what they say, over in L.A.
That the four-oh-five is the same damn way
People don't realize we're really alike
But they like to see things in black and white
But they don't know, we're all the same

It's all about your throw and how you play, the game
People think times won't be so hard
If they just get down, and pray to God
But I came here, to keep it real
You gotta do a whole lot more than just kneel
Don't hesitate to investigate
Take time out, to meditate
As long as I see things goin on
I'm gonna keep spreadin knowledge with a song, now


I walk outside to my pickup truck
I see the five-oh and I say whassup?
Mr. McDaniels what's goin on?
Are you workin out cause you're lookin kinda strong
I try to keep the mental and the physical
Correct in respect to my spiritual
I try to keep the message really clear for you
So listen to the questions that I'm askin you

(repeat 2X)
Do you believe, in rock'n'roll?
Cause if you do it'll save your soul
It helps you gain when you lose control
If you believe in rock'n'roll


Rock rock rock rock rockin on heaven's door
Rock rock rock rock rockin 'til I can't no more