André 3000
"I Do"

[Andre 3000]
Nothings more attractive than a heavy praying woman
two for him and those and them and defecating on me (ughh)
(?) and him Andre omen
baby I'm hell save it on bail
crazy I tell you all of this in the middle of a club
where words tend to get thrown around likely like like love
and friends and rockstars and so and so's a genius
so (?) unless he mean it
her proud like her mother and ooohh momma's sweet
so you just know that juice the fruit aint gon fall too far from tree
so if we ever whoop the whoop
i want all that (?)
on this nasty carpet (?) fresh on one knee
say I do I do I do I do I do
so we can float up outta here in this hot afternoon
lets put a baby butterfly up in your lil cocoon
and maybe twenty thirty hour baby she'll be (?) making the whole club swoon

[Andre 3000 Talking]

[Young Jeezy]
I say I see some ladies in here tonight I might marry
goin of the (?) and tron it's too scary
you can have whatever you like, tooth fairy
I'd do anything to leave here tonight with you
I said I do I do I do I do I do