"Set Apart"

I will testify.
Though I walk this road alone.
Though all my brothers fade away, I will hold to You.
Conviction has stripped away with time.
The flame of passionate love
That once burned deep inside
Has blown away and washed out with the rain.
The tower of your faith has crumbled to the ground,
Crushing those that held to you.
And in your place, we dug a shallow grave.
Hoping to see a change.
A resurrection.
And so we fight for the heart.
Holding nothing back, till we see the sun on the horizon.
Bringing light to this barren wasteland.
Power of ages old.
Held in the mighty hands of God.
Pushed out and thrown away like a painful memory. Two feet in the grave.
We march relentlessly.
Pressing towards our destruction, our decimation. Broken in two.
Our faith has fallen victim to shame.
Run from the truth.
Run from the freedom of absolutes.
Is there anyone left who still cares?
Take back our stolen hearts.
Take back what is rightfully yours.
Set apart.
Set us apart.
Set us apart.
Set apart our hearts, only for you.